Month: August 2021

How To Mix Coffee And Wine: Tips To Make An Unlikely Pairing Work

Drinking coffee and wine together is hotly debated among wine lovers. Some say the bitterness of coffee makes it tough to enjoy wine. Others seek merits in bringing these drinks together. Find out more about this unusual pairing. How To Enjoy Coffee and Wine At Dinner In general, a cup of coffee will not pair […]

French Malbec: France’s Answer To Argentina’s Most Famous Wine

French Malbec is a red wine grape variety grown in wine regions such as Cahors, a wine region in southwest France. While it is not as well known as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, it is a quality French wine that can be enjoyed at an affordable price. French Malbec: What Does The Wine Taste Like? […]

10 Reasons Why “Big Macs & Burgundy” Is The Best Food Wine Pairing Book In The World

In the wine world, there is plenty of conventional wisdom about food and wine pairings. Most people know the “red wine and red meat” rule, for example. Other people are guided by the idea of the “white wine with fish” rule. Years ago, that was the extent of my wine knowledge. I’m inspired to drink […]

Which White Wines Are Dry? (Tips to choose dry white wines)

Wondering which white wines are dry or sweet? The vast majority of white wines are made in a dry style because dry wine is more popular. To answer the question correctly, it is helpful to understand the wine-making process and how that affects white wines. Residual Sugar: The Key Factor In Sweet Wines vs. Dry […]

Champagne Grapes: The Seven Grapes Used In The World’s Best Known Sparkling Wine

There are several types of champagne grapes used to make sparkling wine in the Champagne wine region. While Champagne houses each have their process, only a few grapes are commonly used. Whether you have a non-vintage Champagne or a rare 19th century Champagne at your next special occasion, knowing the grapes that go into the […]

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