Year: 2022

South African Rose Wine: A Lesser Known Rose Worth Your Time?

South African rose wine is less well known by wine lovers in America, Canada, and Europe. However, South Africa’s winemaking tradition goes back centuries. In recent decades, quality wine production has increased, and South African wine competitions have encouraged high-quality bottles of wine. Thanks to the development of quality wine in the region and growing […]

Does Merlot Go With Steak?

There are several ways to answer does Merlot go with steak? First, a wine pairing tradition represents the experience of many wine lovers. Second, your perfect pairing preferences are the food pairings you like the most. Traditional wine pairing wisdom is valuable but doesn’t overlook your favourite wines. Merlot and Steak: Is It A Recommended […]

Best Wine For Cooking Osso Bucco

Choosing the best wine for cooking Osso Bucco starts with understanding the dish itself. Simply memorizing food-wine pairings isn’t that helpful. It’s better to understand why the pairings work. Don’t worry; you will get specific wine suggestions in this guide. My Experience Cooking Osso Bucco A few years ago, I read “The Four Hour Chef” […]

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