Month: January 2022

Best Merlot Wine: 15 Wines from The US, Italy, And France

Finding the best merlot wine to drink is one of the joys of life as a wine lover. Since Merlot is one of the most popular red wine grapes globally, there are many options. To keep life organized, this post will focus on three wine regions. According to Wine Searcher, the top three wine regions […]

What Is Tawny Port? The Quick Guide To Portugal’s Famous Fortified Wine

What is tawny port? It is a popular type of fortified wine made in Portugal. Most people drink it in small servings since it is sweet and high in alcohol. To help you appreciate the many styles of port wine, let’s take a closer look at this classic wine style. What Does Tawny Port Taste […]

Is Moscato A Dry Wine: A Beginner’s Guide To The Italian Wine

Is Moscato a dry wine? That’s a common question that wine drinkers ask when in a wine shop, bar, or restaurant. The short answer is: it depends! There are sweet versions and dry versions of Moscato wine (there is also Grand Moscato). Lately, sweet versions of Moscato wine have become popular as a crowd pleaser. […]

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