Month: June 2022

Cru Chardonnay: Outstanding White Wines From France

Cru Chardonnay is a top-quality type of white wine made in France. Unlike the cheapest wines, cru Chardonnay requires high standards. Find out what makes these fascinating wines so desirable in this guide. What Is Cru Chardonnay? In the French wine industry, the word “Cru” literally means “growth.” This wine term is used to recognize […]

Chardonnay Pronunciation: how to say it in English & French

Chardonnay pronunciation is easy once you practice it. In the wine community, some people get carried away with the correct grape pronunciation for Chardonnay which is one of the most-planted white wine grapes. In reality, getting the proper pronunciation is easy as a wine hobbyist. Use this cheat sheet for grape pronunciations to get the […]

Primitivo vs Zinfandel: How They Taste & Key Differences

Are you choosing between the primitivo vs. Zinfandel grape variety? Both of these wines make delicious wines. Yet these grape varieties have a great deal in common, thanks to the wonders of DNA analysis. Primitivo vs Zinfandel: Are They The Same Grape? As a wine lover, you might wonder whether you should have Zinfandel Or […]

Best Wine With Stir Fry: Western & Chinese Wine Pairing Options

Finding the best wine with stir fry is a simple wine pairing. Use these wine recommendations to have a great experience at Chinese restaurants, take-out, and cooking. This guide will focus exclusively on wine; however, some people at your table might prefer Asian beer instead. Chicken Stir-Fry With Sweet Sauce The type of fry sauces […]

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