Month: October 2022

Grand Cru Champagne: Taste & History of This Sparkling Wine

The grand cru champagne category includes top-quality Champagne from France’s top wine brands. Champagne houses and vineyard owners who earn grand cru achieve a significant advantage over champagne producers. Grand Cru Champagne: What’s Special About Grand Cru? French wine producers are famous for using their classification of wines. The best-known classification was developed for Bordeaux […]

Chardonnay vs Pinot Grigio: Flavor & Food Pairing Comparison

Knowing the difference between Chardonnay vs Pinot Grigio is essential because these are some of the most popular white wines in the world. The Chardonnay grape variety is planted worldwide and used to make sparkling wines in the Champagne wine region and Champagne alternatives. The Pinot Grigio white wine grape is also popular among many […]

Pinot Nero vs Pinot Noir Wine Comparison: Differences, Similarities & Flavor

Comparing Pinot Nero vs Pinot Noir is tricky. They are the same grape. Whether you use a blind tasting or a DNA analysis, there are more similarities than differences. Let’s look at the main difference and then explore the main difference between these two types of wine. Pinot Nero vs Pinot Noir: The Key Cultural […]

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