Month: May 2023

The best wine for beginners: White Wines & Red Wines To Try

Recommending the best wine for beginners is a fun challenge because there are many options. Beginner wine drinkers can save time by focusing their wine journey on French wine because this type of wine has almost everything you might desire. This guide will also touch on other options for wine enthusiasts, including American options like […]

Chablis vs Unoaked Chardonnay: How Do These White Wines Compare?

Should you buy Chablis vs unoaked Chardonnay? Both wines are often featured on wine lists. Both types of wine offer an exceptional wine experience. To choose your next glass of wine, it is helpful to know the main differences between these bottles of wine. Chablis vs Unoaked Chardonnay Flavor Profile As a white wine, Chardonnay […]

Do You Chill Moscato Wine? (Yes – 3 Reasons Why You Must Chill This Wine)

Moscato is a popular wine known for its sweet taste and fruity aroma. Many people enjoy drinking Moscato as a refreshing type of wine to drink during warm summer days or as a dessert wine. However, one question that has been debated among Italian wine enthusiasts is whether Moscato should be chilled before serving. To […]

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