Month: September 2023

Snacks with wine: 15 must-have snack ideas (sweet and savory options)

Snacks with wine is an approach to pairing wine just right for home. A classic wine pairing like the wine with steak isn’t always what you’re in the mood for. In this snacks with wine guide, you’ll learn about traditional pairing options like cheese boards, salty snacks, and even some healthy snacks. Once you find […]

Is Prosecco Sweet? The Sweetness of Italy’s Best Sparkling Wine

Is Prosecco Sweet? The answer is simple: it depends! Prosecco is known for its varying sweetness levels, which depend on the amount of residual sugar in the bottle of wine. The sweetness in Prosecco is typically measured in grams of sugar per liter (g/L). This versatile Italian sparkling wine comes in various styles, each with […]

Wine Tasting Steps: 5 Steps You Must Follow + 2 Bonus Tips

The traditional wine tasting steps follow a 5-step evaluation process. These basic steps help to take you beyond personal preferences for wine taste. You can identify wine characteristics like dry and black fruits and use many other descriptive wine terms. We will cover each of those wine tasting steps in detail and conclude with two […]

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