Month: December 2023

Pinot Noir Tannins: How It Affects Wine Flavor & 4 Wine Picks

Pinot Noir tannins play a crucial role in shaping your wine-drinking experience. Pinot Noir acidity, tannins, and alcohol levels all come together to influence your wine. Introducing Pinot Noir Pinot Noir, a beloved choice among wine drinkers, is renowned for its delicate and nuanced characteristics. The winemaking process, especially its tannin structure, is a crucial […]

Barbera recommendations

There are two aspects to Barbera recommendations. First, choose a quality bottle of wine. Second, pair the wine with the right food. This guide has you covered on both fronts. Barbera Recommendations: 4 Top Wines From Piedmont Piedmont, in Northern Italy, is known for growing quality grapes. You might already know Piedmont well because I […]

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