Travel By Glass: How To Travel More Deeply With Every Sip

My passion for wine and travel goes back to more than twenty years. In 2000, I was in France on a high school course to learn French. It was fantastic – I lived in Paris for a month and finished the course by delivering a presentation about Charles De Gaulle to my classmates. During that time, I had two remarkable wine experiences. They were extra memorable because they had a taste of the forbidden (I wasn’t yet at drinking age in Canada, but France is different!). I tasted my first champagne on that trip and later had a small glass of wine right before the French course’s final exam. It was fantastic.

But that was just the beginning.

My first wine notes begin

More than a decade later, I was back in France in 2014 on a cruise. During a visit to the Bordeaux region, I had the opportunity to visit some wineries. I remember it clearly – I was standing in the vineyard and rapidly took notes on my iPhone. I was particularly amazed to hear that this particular winery had been in operation for hundreds of years! After that experience, I was hooked and started to take wine courses, read wine books and look for wine travel opportunities.

What This Site Is All About

This website is your resource to learn more about wine so you can travel the world and savor life more deeply. I’m not a wine professional or a sommelier. Instead, I’m just looking for ways to ‘live life to the lees, ‘ as Tennyson said. For me, that means going deep to understand the history and culture of places I visit.

On this site, you’ll find reviews of my favorite wine books, courses, and products. You’ll also get to see my wine quest.

Introducing The Wine Quest: Tasting Wine From Every AOC In France

Does this sound familiar? You have a few drinks that you have over and over again. You know that they taste good and agree with you. There’s nothing wrong with having a few familiar favorites on hand. Yet, there’s so much more to the world.

The wine quest is my goal to taste a wine from each of France’s 306 wine appellations (i.e., the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée). This mission will take us from the world-famous wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy to some of the less well-known wines. This step-by-step wine exploration starts in 2021, and I plan to taste a few wines a month as I can fit them into my schedule.

Who Am I?

I’m Bruce! I live in Toronto, Canada. Nice to meet you.

Besides wine and travel, I’m also passionate about science fiction and fantasy novels, movies, and TV shows (current obsessions include The Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson’s works). I’ve worked most of my career in the financial industry, and I’ve more time in Microsoft Excel than I care to admit. I’m also a fan of French Press coffee.

I’ve also written two books, “Project Managers At Work” and “The Marketing Blueprint: Scale Your Startup Business To 1000 Customers.” Those skills in planning a project and then marketing will come in handy as I grow this website. I hope to inspire you to travel more and connect more with the world’s people and history.

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