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How To Serve Pinot Grigio: Chilling Tips & 6 Wine Picks

Finding out how to serve pinot grigio takes a few simple steps. Chill your bottle of wine to the ideal temperature of 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit (7-10 Celsius). Then, put the wine into a white glass with a stem (a stemless glass tends to warm the wine from its optimal temperature fast). Pouring the wine is […]

Wine Pairing With Bruschetta: The Only 3 Red Wines You Need

The best wine pairing with bruschetta includes red wines like Chianti Classico, Zinfandel, and Barbera. Find out why the perfect wine pairing for classic bruschetta works. Pour a glass of wine and discover more about wine pairing! Bruschetta Wine Pairing: Why They Work Bruschetta with wine goes together wonderfully when flavors enhance your food pairings […]

Malbec Temperature: How To Serve & Store This Red Wine Like A Pro

The best Malbec temperature depends on whether you store or serve the wine. We’ll cover both situations and how to enjoy your next glass. Ideal Temperature To Serve Malbec The ideal temperature for serving Malbec wine is 60-65 Fahrenheit (15 to 18 Celsius). Use an ice bucket to keep your wine chilled if it is […]

Shiraz vs Chianti Red Wine Comparison: Key Similarities & Differences

Choosing between Shiraz vs Chianti? These two famous red wines have a lot to offer. Find out what they have in common and the key differences in terms of alcohol content, food pairings, typical taste, and prices. Shiraz vs Chianti: The Most Important Similarities When you order a bottle of wine, including a varietal wine, […]

Malbec vs Syrah: Flavors, Wine Regions & Food Pairings

The Malbec vs syrah grape varieties are popular types of dry wines. Wine lovers deciding which wine is best for you depends on the fruity flavors, food pairings, alcohol content other factors. Find out which of these wine varieties to enjoy next with this Malbec & Shiraz guide. Syrah Wine Overview Syrah wine, also known […]

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