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Low Tannin Cabernet Sauvignon: The Best Red Wine For White Wine Lovers

Buying a bottle of low tannin cabernet sauvignon is an excellent choice if you typically prefer white wines and want to try a red wine. Many wine drinkers know that Cabernet Sauvignon is usually a high tannic wine. A high tannin level can give the wine a bitter taste (also known as an astringent flavor) […]

Sangiovese vs Tempranillo Wine Comparison: Flavor, Wine Regions and Food Pairings

The fruity flavors of Sangiovese vs Tempranillo wine grapes make these among the most popular varieties on the market. Most wine drinkers don’t know the major wine producers, wine regions, and other details of these wine varieties.  Keep reading to find out about the rich flavors of each wine. Sangiovese vs Tempranillo Flavor Profile The […]

Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc: Flavor, Food Pairings & Top Bottles

Late harvest sauvignon blanc is a popular dessert wine with higher residual sugar than traditional Sauvignon Blanc. Discover more about this sweeter wine’s flavor profile, food pairings, and top bottles. What Is Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc? White wines like late harvest Riesling and late harvest sauvignon blanc are harvested later than other wines. By letting […]

Pinot Noir vs Pinot Gris: How Do These Wines Compare?

Choosing between the pinot noir vs pinot Gris grape varieties is easier when you know a few facts about these wines. Wine drinkers who know the differences between these wine grapes will have a better wine experience. Are Pinot Noir vs Pinot Gris Wines Similar? Pinot Noir is a red wine grape, while Pinot Gris […]

What Cheese Goes With Riesling: 10+ Cheese Wine Pairings To Enjoy

There are a few ways to answer what cheese goes with Riesling. The best food pairings – including cheese– consider the type of wine. For example, there’s a significant wine pairing difference between dry Rieslings and sweet Rieslings. Let’s find out about the variety of cheeses that match Riesling’s rich flavors. Dry Rieslings Cheese Pairing […]

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