Author : Bruce

Cremant de Bourgogne: The French Rival To Champagne You Need To Know About

Crémant de Bourgogne is a sparkling wine from Burgundy, a legendary wine region in France. Many wine lovers start their journey in French sparkling with non-vintage Champagne and other wines from the Champagne wine region. Let’s establish why Burgundian winemakers are so famous. How Napoleon III Made Burgundian Wines Special You might already know that […]

Organic Champagne: How It’s Different & The 3 Champagnes To Enjoy

Organic Champagne is becoming more popular thanks to the boom in organic viticulture. As buyers of Champagne, it’s helpful to know what champagne houses (i.e., champagne maisons) have to offer. As consumer demand for organic farming and produce increases, more sparkling wines will come to the market. Now let’s fill our champagne flutes with the […]

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