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Should Riesling Be Chilled? | Yes, And Here’s Exactly What To Do

To answer the question should Riesling be chilled, there are a few variables to consider about temperature and more. You’ll know the proper temperature to serve this popular white wine in a few minutes. The Ideal Temperature To Serve Riesling: Two Factors You have a dinner party and want to impress everything with your wine […]

Riesling vs Moscato: Which Should You Swipe Right On?

Choosing between Riesling vs Moscato wines is easy once you understand a few points about these grape varieties. As wine drinkers, it’s essential to start with the most crucial aspect: the flavor of wines. Riesling vs Moscato: What Do They Taste Like? Riesling vs Moscato wine grapes are often compared together because they tend to […]

Italian Red Blend Wine: 5 Affordable Choices Under $30

Italian red blend wines offer plenty of fruit flavors at reasonable prices. Use this guide to find good options from Italy’s wine regions, including southern Italy, central Italy, and beyond. Italian Red Blend: What Are The Main Wine Grapes Used? Knowing the main combinations of grape varieties used in Italian wine is essential. When you […]

Best White Wine With Mediterranean Food: Italian, Greek, and Spanish Options

Finding the best white wine with Mediterranean food is a fun wine pairing challenge. Mediterranean food covers many dishes, including Middle Eastern, Italian foods, Greek cuisine, and more. This post focuses on white wines (i.e., low tannin wines), making them easy to enjoy. For simplicity, I’ll focus on four categories of wine pairing suggestions. Enjoy […]

Full-Bodied French Wine: Definition, Taste & Examples

Full-bodied French wine is some of the most famous wines made in Bordeaux and Burgundy. This style of wine typically has higher alcohol content and can be made from multiple grape varieties. Most French full-bodied wines are red wines, so don’t expect to see Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc, or Pinot Meunier in a central role. […]

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