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Best White Wine With Mediterranean Food: Italian, Greek, and Spanish Options

Finding the best white wine with Mediterranean food is a fun wine pairing challenge. Mediterranean food covers many dishes, including Middle Eastern, Italian foods, Greek cuisine, and more. This post focuses on white wines (i.e., low tannin wines), making them easy to enjoy. For simplicity, I’ll focus on four categories of wine pairing suggestions. Enjoy […]

Full-Bodied French Wine: Definition, Taste & Examples

Full-bodied French wine is some of the most famous wines made in Bordeaux and Burgundy. This style of wine typically has higher alcohol content and can be made from multiple grape varieties. Most French full-bodied wines are red wines, so don’t expect to see Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc, or Pinot Meunier in a central role. […]

Italian Merlot: Flavors, Top Picks Under $50, Food Pairing Tips

Italian merlots are some of the best Merlot-based wines in Europe. Multiple winemakers make these beautiful wines. Merlot grapes are some of the primary grapes grown in Italy. Merlot is easily among the most popular red grapes grown in the country. Keep reading to find out what Italian Merlots taste like. Italian Merlot: What Do […]

Rose Wines From France: Top Picks From Provence, Rhone & Languedoc

Rose wines from France are some of the best bottles of wine you’ll ever enjoy. To help you navigate the French rosé wine world, use this guide to France’s leading wine regions to find entry-level and top-tier rose wines. Provence Rose Wines Provençal rosé is the king of French rosé category. With its Mediterranean climate, […]

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