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Grenache vs Cabernet Sauvignon: Taste Comparison & Food Wine Pairings

Grenache vs Cabernet Sauvignon grapes makes some of the best French wines today. Most wine lovers already know a lot about Cabernet Sauvignon, but far fewer know their way around Grenache. Grenache vs Cabernet Sauvignon: Detailed Comparison These two red wine grapes are made in a wide range of styles. Wine producers constantly keep evolving […]

Cabernet Franc vs Cabernet Sauvignon: Differences In Taste, Aroma & More

Curious how cabernet franc vs cabernet sauvignon compare? These two red wine grapes have a very different following among wine drinkers. Many are passionate about Cabernet Sauvignon, but far fewer people get excited about Cabernet Franc. In reality, both of these grape varieties make elegant wines. Use this beginner-friendly guide to discover these grape varieties’ […]

Shiraz vs Cabernet Sauvignon: Key Differences and How They Taste

Wondering how Shiraz vs Cabernet Sauvignon compared? These popular red wines are popular in many restaurants and bars. Understanding the difference between these varieties is easy when you use this post. You’ll discover the physical differences, color differences, and – most importantly – how these famous grape varieties taste in your wine glass. Shiraz vs […]

Taste of Chianti: 4 Tuscan Wineries To Visit & 5 Chianti Wines To Taste

The taste of Chianti includes fresh cherry and acidity, which makes it one of the most famous Italian wines. Out of all of the Italian wines I’ve had, Chianti remains one of my personal favorites.  What is Chianti Wine? Chianti wine is an Italian red blend wine produced in Tuscany. The primary grape variety in […]

Late Harvest Riesling: Why You Should Try These Amazing White Wines

Late harvest Riesling is a popular type of wine because they have higher sugar content. While there are multiple kinds of late harvest wines on the market, this post will focus on Riesling. Before going further, let’s unpack the meaning of late harvest wines. What Is Late Harvest Riesling? Depending on the location, wine grapes […]

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