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Prosecco vs Champagne: Key Differences In Taste, Food Pairing, and Price

Choosing between prosecco vs Champagne when shopping for sparkling wines is easy when you know the key differences. Prosecco vs Champagne: Tasting Notes There are some major differences in terms of taste between these popular European sparkling wines. Before going forward, keep in mind that Italy and France have many different sparkling wines choices. Some […]

How Many Calories In A Glass of Rose? 6 Rose Wine Examples

Asking how many calories in a glass of rose is an excellent question to ask before you pour a glass of wine. The answer depends on a few factors, including residual sugar and alcohol by volume. The short answer to how many calories in a glass of rose is 100-120 calories. However, each type of […]

Price of Chardonnay: 12 Wine Options (Budget, Mid-Tier and High End)

The price of chardonnay wine varies widely depending on quality, region, and other factors. Use this guide on the price of Chardonnay so that you can make a confident choice at the wine shop. The Only Two Factors That Drive The Price of Chardonnay Before looking at the specific options, it’s worth taking a minute […]

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