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An Urban Wine Tasting Adventure With Rembrandt In Ottawa

After many months of the lockdown, I finally went on a short trip to Ottawa. Since I have been to Ottawa many times, I went for a food, wine, and culture focus for this trip. Use these tips and observations as a resource to plan your next trip to Canada’s capital. Train Travel: The VIA […]

How To Send Wine As A Gift: 3 Options For Every Budget

Sending wine as a gift is a beautiful way to surprise a friend, family member, or customer. Answering “how to send wine as a gift” depends on your location, circumstances, and a few other factors. The Simplest Wine To Give A Wine Gift There is one way you can send wine as a gift that […]

Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc: Key Differences, Flavor & Food Pairings

White wine lovers like to debate Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc. These classic white wines come in a wide range of styles at the wine shop. Keep reading to find out how to become a more informed wine drinker. Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc: How Do They Taste? You’re looking at Sauvignon Blanc vs Chardonnay on a […]

Moscato Red Wine: Flavor, Prices & More About This Sparkling Wine

Moscato red wine is a sweet wine known for its low alcohol content. That makes it an excellent choice to enjoy on a weeknight when a heavier wine might not be a good fit. This dessert wine is trendy in the United States, but other countries like Italy also produce it. Some people even consider […]

Pinot Noir vs Merlot: Notable Differences, Flavors and Food Pairings

Are you deciding between Pinot Noir vs Merlot at the wine shop? Find out the difference between merlot and pinot noir with this guide so that you can enjoy wine further at a restaurant or a wine tasting at home. Pinot Noir vs Merlot: What Are The Key Differences? Choosing between Merlot wine and Pinot […]

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