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Which White Wines Are Dry? (Tips to choose dry white wines)

Wondering which white wines are dry or sweet? The vast majority of white wines are made in a dry style because dry wine is more popular. To answer the question correctly, it is helpful to understand the wine-making process and how that affects white wines. Residual Sugar: The Key Factor In Sweet Wines vs. Dry […]

Champagne Grapes: The Seven Grapes Used In The World’s Best Known Sparkling Wine

There are several types of champagne grapes used to make sparkling wine in the Champagne wine region. While Champagne houses each have their process, only a few grapes are commonly used. Whether you have a non-vintage Champagne or a rare 19th century Champagne at your next special occasion, knowing the grapes that go into the […]

How Many Grapes Are In A Bottle of Wine? (It’s In The Hundreds)

Estimating the number of grapes needed to produce a single bottle of wine is a complex process. Each winery and head winemaker uses different production methods. While this is a simple question, there is no simple answer because every acre of vineyard around the world varies dramatically.  Wine regions also vary in terms of quality […]

Does Wine Freeze? Yes, But You Probably Shouldn’t Freeze Wine

Does wine freeze? It is one of the most common questions people ask about leftover wine. After all, you might not be able to finish every bottle of wine you open. In general, wine does freeze because of its water content. Wine snobs might not like it, but some people even make wine cubes and […]

The Top 8 White Wine Grapes Wine Enthusiasts Need To Know About

Knowing the most popular white wine grapes unlocks a large part of the wine world. There are thousands of grape varieties in existence, so that we will focus on the white varieties you will most likely encounter at a wine bar or a wine shop. White wine grapes vary in color, but they are pretty […]

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