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Malbec vs Merlot: Flavor Profiles, Food Pairings, and Alcohol Levels

Deciding between Malbec vs Merlot wines is easy when you know two things: flavor profiles and wine pairings. Merlot will work with nearly anything, while Malbec is a little less flexible in food pairings. Malbec Vs Merlot: What Do These Wines Taste Like? To understand these two red wine grapes, let’s compare the flavor profiles. […]

The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine: 20 Wines To Dream About In 2021

The most expensive bottle of wine in the world is constantly changing. Today, the most expensive bottle has sold for over half a million dollars. Whether you are a serious collector or just curious, check out this guide to the most expensive bottles of wine. Don’t Get Frustrated By The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine […]

How To Hold A Wine Glass Correctly: Temperature & Etiquette Tips

When you learn how to hold a wine glass properly, your wine drinking experience will improve right away. Wine connoisseurs know that holding a wine glass properly enhances the experience. The guiding focus will be to enhance your wine knowledge and wine-drinking experience by knowing the right way to hold a wine glass. Etiquette tips […]

Spicy Red Wine: Wines With Spicy Notes, Mulled Wine And Food Pairings

Spicy red wine can be enjoyed in three ways: wines with spice notes like baking spice, a delicious recipe called “mulled wine” (red wine mixed with spices), and pairing wines with spicy foods. Keep reading to find out about the three ways to experience spicy red wine. 1) What Wines Are Described As Spicy? Some […]

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