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Riesling vs Chardonnay: How They Taste, Sweetness, Wines Under $50 and Food Pairings

Are you ready for the epic Riesling vs Chardonnay white wine battle? There’s no doubt that Chardonnay is the more popular grape variety. Yet, Riesling has a passionate following partially because Riesling has excellent potential to age and develop over time. Riesling vs Chardonnay white wines have little in common. Chardonnay is famous for its […]

Riesling vs Pinot Grigio: Differences in taste, sweetness level and food pairing

Choosing between Riesling vs Pinot Grigio is easy once you understand the differences and commonalities of these popular white wines. You will find out the differences in taste, dry vs sweet, examples of each wine under $40, and food-wine pairing tips in the next few minutes. 1) Riesling vs Pinot Grigio: How Do They Taste? […]

Chardonnay Chilled: Ideal Temperature, Chilling, and Serving Tips

Enjoying Chardonnay chilled to the ideal temperature is one of the best ways to enjoy the wine. The optimal temperature to serve Chardonnay is 48-60 F (8-15 C). At this temperature, your glass of wine will be at its best. If the wine is too cold, you might develop a dislike for chardonnays. 1) Ideal […]

Chardonnay for cooking: 5 wines under $35 & food pairing tips

Chardonnay for cooking is a fun way to add new flavors to your dish. Conventional wisdom suggests using a cheap wine for cooking. That’s a mistake, and you’re about to learn better ways to use the chardonnay grape in your cooking. Chardonnay for cooking is an excellent way to enhance a meal, especially cooking with […]

Zinfandel vs Merlot: Taste, Dry vs Sweet, Awards And Food Pairings

Choosing between Zinfandel vs Merlot is easier once you keep a few simple principles in mind. These two famous red wines share some common ground. In general, Zinfandel vs Merlot wines have a few points in common. For example, both wines typically taste like red fruits (e.g., raspberry for Merlot and cherry for Zinfandel). The […]

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