Author : Bruce

Does Cabernet Sauvignon Go With Salmon?

As you start to make dinner, you might wonder if your bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon will go well with salmon. The short answer: no, salmon and Cabernet Sauvignon are not an ideal food and wine pairing. Now let’s explain why this pairing does not work well and some alternatives to enjoy. Cabernet Sauvignon Food Pairing: […]

Plan Your Wine Tasting Trip In 5 Steps

Planning a wine tasting trip is a fun way to deepen your travel experience. There are five simple steps to plan a wine tasting trip. You can complete the whole planning process today.  In brief, you plan a wine tasting trip with these five steps 1 Choose Your Wine Destination 2 Choose Your Transportation Options […]

Champagne Alternatives: 5 Sparkling Wines To Spice Up The Festive Season

There are plenty of appealing champagne alternatives if you are looking for an enjoyable sparkling wine experience for the festive season. While only wine made in the Champagne wine region can be called Champagne, many other wine regions make great alternatives to Champagne including Burgundy’s Cremant de Bourgogne. Two Ways To Look At Champagne Alternatives […]

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