Barbera recommendations

There are two aspects to Barbera recommendations. First, choose a quality bottle of wine. Second, pair the wine with the right food. This guide has you covered on both fronts.

Barbera recommendations

Barbera Recommendations: 4 Top Wines From Piedmont

Piedmont, in Northern Italy, is known for growing quality grapes. You might already know Piedmont well because I featured it in the Nebbiolo recommendations post. Professional wine critics also point to Piedmont for Barbera.

The following high-quality wines are an excellent place to start your Barbera journey. The best part? The price range for many of the region’s amazing vineyards includes magnificent wines that sell for less than $50. The following affordable wine options are great picks for everyday wine drinking.

Luciano Sandrone

  • Barbera d’Alba (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Average Price: $50

This well-regarded bottle of wine has earned a 90-point score from wine reviewers. Your taste buds will notice black fruit flavors (e.g., black cherry), herbs, and spices. Dishes with tomato (including herbal tomato sauce) pair well with this wine.

Franco Mondo Le Rose

  • Nizza (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Average Price: $28

Produced in the Nizza DOCG, the wine is produced by award-winning winemakers. The wine’s flavor profile emphasizes black cherry notes. The non-fruit flavors add balance with wood and sweet spice.

Vietti La Crena

  • Barbera d’Asti Superiore Nizza DOCG (Piedment, Italy)
  • Average Price: $45

Cherry fruit flavors make the first impression in this full-bodied wine. Expect savory spices and a touch of acidity to balance the wine. The majority of wine reviewers give this wine a score above 90 points.

Bosca Mabel

  • Barbera d’Asti Superiore (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Average Price: under $20 (may be difficult to find in the US)

This dry wine is made from 100% Barbera wine grapes and has 14.5% alcohol content. The wine has ample acidity, which balances the wine’s spicy notes. The wine is recognized as a Barbera D’asti DOCG – the highest quality Italian wine.

The Food Best Pairings For Barbera

The ever-popular Barbera grape, celebrated for its vibrant acidity and rich red fruit flavors, offers a delightful canvas for pairing with delicious foods. Whether hosting holiday parties or seeking to impress your guests with your knowledge of Barolo producers, using suitable food pairing suggestions will make your meal even more memorable.

The exquisite taste of Italian wine, especially classic Barbera, is food friendly. Use the following foods to delight your taste receptors with a night to remember.

Cheese Pairings

1. Aged Pecorino

Elevate your cheese platter with the nutty and salty notes of aged Pecorino—a delightful partner for Barbera’s lively acidity that stimulates the palate.

2. Gorgonzola

Craft a flavor symphony by pairing Barbera with creamy Gorgonzola cheese. While some find the intense richness of blue cheese to be a great contrast to Barbera’s bold fruitiness, personal preferences may vary.

3. Parmigiano

Indulge in the umami-rich profile of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Its granular texture and deep flavors perfectly match Barbera’s depth.

Vegetarian Pairings

1. Roasted Root Vegetable:

Add elegance to your holiday table with a roasted root vegetable platter. The earthiness of root vegetables like carrots and beets resonates with Barbera’s nuanced flavors, while their caramelized sweetness forms a delightful contrast.

2. Mushroom Risotto

Serve up a dish of mushroom risotto, where the earthy mushrooms create a beautiful synergy with Barbera’s fruitiness. The creamy risotto enhances the wine’s soft tannins.

3. Tomato-Based Pasta:

Elevate your vegetarian menu with tomato-based pasta dishes. Barbera’s acidity shines alongside the robust flavors of marinara or arrabbiata sauces, creating a harmonious pairing.

Meat Dishes

1. Grilled Steak

Impress your guests with a grilled steak that perfectly complements Barbera’s acidity. The succulent richness of the steak and the wine’s charred complexity creates an extravagant pairing. For more wine and steak pairings, see this post: Best Wine With Steak.

2. Braised Short Ribs

Delight your palate with the tenderness of braised short ribs, a splendid match for Barbera’s structured tannins. The savory notes intertwine elegantly with the wine’s profile.

3. Duck Confit

Indulge in the opulent combination of Barbera and duck confit. The wine’s flavors intertwine with the duck’s richness, while the crispy skin adds a luxurious textural dimension.

What About Blue Cheese and Barbera Wine?

When considering pairing Barbera with blue cheese, it’s worth noting that the pungent and intense flavors of blue cheese can either contrast or overwhelm the wine, depending on personal taste preferences. Some wine enthusiasts find that the boldness of Gorgonzola harmonizes well with Barbera’s fruitiness, while others might prefer milder cheese options to maintain a balanced palate. As with any wine pairing, experimentation is encouraged to discover the combination that pleases your palate the most.

Make Your Holiday Wine Tasting Special With Favorite Producers:
Elevate your holiday gatherings by featuring a variety of Barbera wines from your favorite producers. Barbera’s versatility and novelty will make your meal different. Just pick one of the Barbera recommendations from this post and you’ll be good to go!

Barbera Recommendations Conclusion

As you prepare for a dinner party or holiday gathering, remember that the ever-popular Barbera grape offers many pairing possibilities with its vibrant acidity and rich fruit flavors. By harmonizing and contrasting these flavors with delicious foods, including the possibility of blue cheese, you’ll create an unforgettable experience showcasing this Italian varietal’s brilliance. Cheers to the joy of sharing and savoring Barbera wine alongside your favorite dishes!

Barbera recommendations
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