Best Malbec Wine: 12 Wines To Drink Now

Best Malbec Wine - 12 bottles of wine to try now.

Are you looking for the best Malbec wine to enjoy right now? There is a wide range of wines to choose from, especially in the Argentinian wine category. Whether you want premium wine for an occasion or inexpensive wines for a weeknight, this guide has you covered.

Tip: You might be wondering how Malbec compares to other grape varieties. That’s an excellent question to ask a wine enthusiast. Or you can read this comparison – Malbec vs Merlot – to get started.

Best Malbec Wine: Affordable Malbec Options

Are you concerned about getting your wine at a reasonable price? Start with these suggestions focused on Argentina and France. Malbec is also made in South Africa and a wide variety of other wine regions.

Note that the wine market is constantly changing. Don’t be surprised if price hikes happen and these wines are more expensive than the estimated prices below. If you see price hikes at your local wine, consider ordering online. You might be able to get a below-average price in some cases when you seek out these easy-drinking wines.

1) 2018 Luca Malbec

  • Wine Region and Country: Uco Valley, Argentina
  • Recognition: 91 out of 100 average wine critic score according to Wine-Searcher.
  • Retail Price: $31 per bottle

This wine won two awards in 2018: bronze in the International Wine Challenge and Silver in the International Wine & Spirit Challenge. Tasting of black fruits and plum flavors, this Argentinian wine is a great place to start your Malbec tasting experience.

2) Luigi Bosca Malbec

  • Wine Region and Country: Mendoza, Argentina
  • Recognition: The wine has earned 88 out of 100 score from wine critics. In addition, the 2013 vintage earned a 90 score from Wine Spectator (Credit: Wine-Searcher)
  • Retail Price: $19

Reviewers point out that the wine has a pleasant high natural acidity. In addition to plum flavors, the wine has oak spice notes.

3) 2019 Bodega Noemia de Patagonia ‘A Lisa’

  • Wine Region and Country: Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Recognition: the Argentinian Malbec has earned an average score of 90 out of 100 based on five critic reviews. Wine Searchers recommends pairing this wine with wine.
  • Retail Price: $20 per bottle

This Argentinian Malbec is a blend of Petit Verdot, Merlot, and Malbec grape varieties. This wine is a leader in the affordable Malbec category at this price point.

4) Montes Alpha Malbec

  • Wine Region and Country: Colchagua Valley, Chile
  • Recognition: this bottle of wine has earned a score of 88 out of 100 from wine critics, according to Wine-Searcher.
  • Retail Price: $20 per bottle

Most guides to the best Malbec wine focus on Argentinian wine. Certainly, Argentinian Malbec is great. However, it is also intelligent to look at a different wine region now and then. In 2013 and 2016, this wine earned awards at the International Wine Challenge and the International Wine & Spirit Competition. It pairs well with beef dishes. With 14.5% alcohol content, this wine is an excellent way to expand your horizons.

5) Bodega El Esteco Don David Blend Of Terroirs Malbec 2019

  • Wine Region and Country: Salta, Argentina
  • Recognition: This Argentinian Malbec was highlighted by the IWSC in a recent list of top Malbec wines.
  • Retail Price: $20 per bottle according to Vivino

Do you like oaky wines? This Argentinean Malbec may be for you. In addition to oak, reviewers also detect notes of chocolate. The recommended food pairings include beef, lamb, and poultry dishes.

Best Malbec Wine: Premium Wine Between $35 to $100

The following wines may or may not be affordable wines, depending on how much you are used to spending on wine. We’re going to expand to look at French Malbec in this section. Argentinean Malbec is superb, but there is much more to the wine world.

6) Château Eugénie Haute Collection Cahors 2017

  • Wine Region: Cahors, France
  • Recognition: average score of 4.6 out of 5 on Vivino
  • Retail Price: $38 per bottle

Unlike the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, Cahors is one of the lesser-known French wine regions: southwest France. That means it may be a bit more challenging to find in the wine shop. However, it is worth the effort. Expect to enjoy this entry into the world of oaky wines. In addition, multiple reviewers highlight the wine’s black fruits like blackcurrant.

7) Crocus La Roche Mère Malbec de Cahors 2014

  • Wine Region: Cahors, France
  • Recognition: average score of 4.5 out of 5 on Vivino
  • Retail Price: $99 per bottle

In the French wines category, there are plenty of lovely wines for less than $100. This Cahors wine is another reminder of the wonders we can find in southwest France.

8) Blue Rock Vineyard Best Barrels Malbec

  • Wine Region: Alexander Valley, California, UA
  • Retail Price: $70 to $100 per bottle
  • Recognition: average score of 4.6 out 5 on Vivino

In addition to French Malbec, it is crucial to recognize that the US also produces excellent Malbec wines. With 14.2% alcohol content, this Sonoma County red wine stands out in the Alexander Valley (top 33% in the wine region). In terms of levels of tannin, reviewers consider this Malbec wine to have smooth tannic quality.

9) Château Lacapelle Cabanac Malbec XL 2018

  • Wine Region: Cahors, Southwest France, France
  • Retail Price: $50
  • Recognition: average rating of 4.4 from users on Vivino.

Reviewers highlight the following aspects of this French Malbec: oaky wine notes and notes of black fruits. In terms of black fruits, expect to taste plum and blueberry.

10) Dona Paula Altitude Series 1350

  • Wine Region: Uco Valley, Argentina
  • Retail Price: $18-$30
  • Recognition: 7.5 rating from the Reverse Wine Snob blog.

I discovered this wine through the Reverse Wine Snob blog. The wine is notable for its long finish. The wine is also notable because it is a Malbec blend (i.e., 45% Malbec, 50% Cabernet Franc, and 5% Casavecchia). Expect to enjoy hints of vanilla in this wine as well.

Best Malbec Wine Over $100

Looking for a wine that you are going to remember for years? Take a look at the following premium wine list. These robust wines are the perfect way to make a dinner more memorable. The natural acidity is relatively mild.

11) 2015 Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard ‘River Stones’ Malbec

  • Wine Region:  Mendoza, Argentina
  • Retail Price: $220 average price
  • Recognition: 95 out of 100 critic score according to Wine-Searcher.

The oaky wine was aged in French oka and has a 14% alcohol level. Expect to enjoy some sweet vanilla as well as black currants. Overall, the wine has a bold flavor and a light finish.

12) Familia Zuccardi ‘Finca Piedra Infinita’ Gravascal

  • Wine Region: Mendoza, Argentina
  • Recognition: 97 out of 100 scores from 11 wine critics (an incredible score)
  • Retail Price: $269 (availability may be limited)

This wine is made from a long-established Argentine winery established in 1902. Instead of bold tannins, expect to taste smooth tannins in your wine glass.

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Best Malbec Wine: 12 Wines To Drink Now
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