Best Wine For Chicken Alfredo: 6 White Wine Picks

The best wine for chicken alfredo is Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Orvieto. The rich flavors of these wines go beautifully well with Italian food. The fruity and acidic flavors are just what you need for a beautiful dining experience.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn precisely how to choose the right bottle of wine for this creamy dish. It’s easy to find a suitable variety of wine for alfredo’s pasta. Follow these tips to make your next Italian dinner memorable.

best wine for chicken alfredo

Chicken Alfredo Wine Pairings

Pairing wine with a chicken alfredo dish is simple when you keep a few points in mind. Like many other Italian dishes, the primary flavors of chicken alfredo include parmesan cheese, heavy cream, and garlic cloves.

The typical Alfredo recipe is one of the most creamy pasta dishes. To cut through these heavy creams, you need acidic wines. Choosing wine with the right acidity level will give you a crisp taste. After a sip of wine, your taste buds will be ready for more delicious cream sauce.

White wines are the best wine for chicken alfredo. Italian wine, especially Pinot Grigio, is a classic choice. Like Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley, American wine also works well. Finally, Orvieto is an excellent choice to enjoy at a dinner party.

Pinot Grigio With Chicken Alfredo

A wide variety of Pinot Grigio wines pair well with chicken alfredo. The traditional wisdom is to look for local pairings. In other words, chicken alfredo is an Italian dish, so choosing an Italian white wine like Pinot Grigio makes sense.

The dominant flavor notes include citrus fruit like lime and lemon. Other typical fruity notes include apple, pear, and white nectarine. Pinot Grigio is a popular wine option, so you can always find it on a restaurant wine list or a wine store.

Save time browsing among the various wine producers and seek out these Pinot Grigio bottles. Italian white wines might just become your new favorite wines.

Vie di Romans Dessimis Pinot Grigio Friuli Isonzo ($33)

This Italian white wine has received an average wine critic score of 92. The wine offers complex flavors like red berries, plum, and spicy notes.

Pacherhof Pinot Grigio Sudtirol Brixner Eisacktaler ($30)

Produced in the Alto Adigo wine region of Italy, this bottle of wine offers a memorable Pinot Grigio experience. The wine flavor profile combines vanilla, bright acidity, and refreshing mineral notes. The wine’s fruity flavors include apple and pear.

Mario Schiopetto Pinot Grigio Collio ($25-$30)

This Italian white wine offers exceptional value. With a price of $30 or less, the wine has earned a 94 score from wine critics. The Schiopetto winery website shows photos of the grounds and information on the founding family.

Are you interested in learning about Pinot Grigio and how this wine variety is best enjoyed? Check out the post on how to serve Pinot Grigio for tips on serving temperature and wine storage.

Chardonnay With Chicken Alfredo

White Burgundy, a popular type of unoaked Chardonnay, is a great choice to drink with chicken alfredo. For an enriching experience, check out the list of recommended bottles below. Mid-range Chardonnay, without an oaky taste, is a great contender for the best wine for chicken alfredo. Generally, Chardonnay from cool climates is a good candidate for the best wine for chicken alfredo.

Unoaked Chardonnay is known for its refreshing quality. Unlike oaked wines, unoaked Chardonnay usually does not have a buttery texture. I recommend Chablis and Petit Chablis to experience Chardonnay wines without the oaky qualities.

Rene et Vincent Dauvissat-Camus Chablis ($128)

Produced in the Burgundy region, this restrained Chardonnay is known for its mineral taste. The wine has a toasty quality and hints of lemon. The acidic quality in this wine is essential to match your homemade alfredo sauce.

William Fevre Chablis ($37)

Produced in Chablis, this wine has earned several medals in the International Wine Competition. The fruity flavours include green pear and fresh citrus. It offers a chalky taste rather than a buttery taste. The fresh flavor is exactly what you need to contrast with the buttery flavors in chicken alfredo.

Bouchard Pere & Fils Genevrieres ($137)

This delicious wine is a relatively buttery Chardonnay, unlike the abovementioned wines. The wine’s fruit flavors include lemon. Look no further than this bottle for a richer wine with a chicken option.

Other Wine Pairing Options

What if the wine pairings mentioned above aren’t your favorite? Start by exploring more white whine options like Pinot Gris and Pinot Bianco. Try a bottle of Pinot Noir for red wine since it also has a significant level of acidity.

Other wine types, like fortified wines, would not be my first choice to enjoy with chicken alfredo. The high alcohol content in wines like port requires a different pairing. If you want to explore the world of fortified wine, Portugal is a good starting point. Find out more in my guide: what is tawny port?

Best Wine For Chicken Alfredo Conclusion

With these tips, pairing chicken alfredo with wine is a simple task. A handful of white wines pair well with this classic chicken and cheese recipe. Pick up a bottle of Pinot Grigio or unoaked Chardonnay and you’re ready!

Best Wine For Chicken Alfredo: 6 White Wine Picks

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