Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts: The Key Wines To Drink & Wine Chateaux To Visit

Bordeaux wine enthusiasts are known for their appreciation of outstanding wines. The region’s outstanding wines have boomed in price and recognition thanks to interest from American wine buyers and wine enthusiasts in Hong Kong and other countries.

The Most Popular Bordeaux Wines

Before you jump into the details of Bordeaux’s beautiful villages, it is helpful to start with the basics. To become an authority on wine or a wine guru, let’s start with the most common grape varieties you see.  

Red Wines

Bordeaux red wine is incredibly well regarded. In particular, the wine region is known for its blends of grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. To learn more about Bordeaux-style blends, see my guide to the best red blend wine.

Most Bordeaux wine enthusiasts I know focus their attention on the region’s red wines (including the grand cru or grand wine category). The wine trade and annual wine futures emphasize the region’s red wine. The region also makes great white wines that are well worth your time.  

White Wines

The wine region also makes a popular blend of white wines. The specific grape variety you’ll see in your white wine glass will vary. In general, though, white Bordeaux features blends of grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle. It is vital to store white wines in wine fridges because they tend to be best when chilled.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts’ Travel Tips

Whether or not you consider me a wine guru, I can tell you one thing – my wine passion is closely linked to French wine and Bordeaux.

My passion for great French wine, including full-bodied French wine, dates back to a visit to French wine country in the 2010s. It was an unforgettable experience to meet wine producers, explore a great French wine region and see what many wine lovers love in Bordeaux. Soon after, I started reading wine books and magazines like Wine Enthusiast magazine, and This was long before I learned that

There are two ways to see experience the region. If you are a confident traveler with some knowledge of French, travel to the Bordeaux-Saint Jean train station and then take a car or use bike rentals to visit the region’s fantastic wine. For beginner Bordeaux wine enthusiasts, it’s wise to book Bordeaux wine tours with local wine tour operators.

Wine Chateaus To Visit

Many of the best-known Chateaus in Bordeaux welcome wine buyers. To have a fantastic experience in the area, look into the following beautiful estates.

Château Pape Clement

In operation since the 1200s, Château Pape Clement produces red wine and white wine. The winery’s red blend typically includes the following blends: 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, and 4% Cabernet Franc. Wine tour participants, take note – the Chateau also offers summer events with food trucks so you can enjoy a meal with your bottle of wine.

Château D’Yquem

White wine lovers, pay attention! Château D’Yquem makes some of the very best sweet wines in the world.

The winery is known for producing its prestigious wines. Alas, Château D’Yquem wine bottles tend to be very expensive. According to the wine-searcher website, the average price of a bottle of wine from Château D’Yquem is $517! The average wine merchant knows of this reputation, so finding a deal on these wines is challenging.

Fortunately, you can taste excellent wine by visiting Château D’Yquem in person. In operation for over four hundred years, wine tourists can make an online booking to see the winery and enjoy a wine tasting. The entry-level price for a private visit is 84 Euros per person (i.e., about $90 US). The walking tour of the winery lasts 90 minutes on foot, so rest up before you visit.

Château Larrivet Haut Brion

This winery is known for its excellent red wine. While I have yet to visit this Chateau, the wine doctor makes it sound like a beautiful experience. Unlike some other chateaux mentioned above, Château Larrivet Haut Brion wine is relatively affordable. On average, the chateaux’s wine sells for $57.

It is well worth visiting the winery because it has won several best wine tourism awards. For wine tourists on a budget, visiting this winery is quite affordable. A tour ticket price varies between 15 Euros (about $16 US) to 50 Euros (about $51 US).

Château Latour Martillac

Like Haut Brion, this winery makes affordable wines. On average, Château Latour Martillac wines sell for $49 per bottle. The winery started making red wines in the 1980s and made its first white wine in 1990. The winery won a Best of Wine Tourism award in 2022, so you can rest assured that it is well worth your time for a visit.

Château Latour Martillac offers several kinds of wine tours. The discovery tour is offered in English, French, German, and Spanish. This group tour costs just 15 Euros and includes a tasting of two wines. In addition, the chateaux also offer a private tour tasting where you can taste Grand Cru Classe wines (or look into Remy Grand Cru)! At the top end, you can book a prestige tour for two hours, including three wine tastings with caviar. Reservations are required for all of these wine tours.

How Many Wineries To Visit Per Day?

Before planning your wine tour, think carefully about how much activity you can handle in a day. For most people, I recommend visiting only two wineries per day. Any more than two wineries per day and you are likely to feel rushed and not have time to enjoy the wine tastings.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts In Summary

Some wine critics say that there are fewer Bordeaux wine enthusiasts today. You can indeed find outstanding wines in many different regions of the world. Bordeaux wines are outstanding, and no wine lover can ignore the region for long. Most wine lovers will focus on the region’s red wines, but the region also offers many enjoyable white wines.

If you consider wine tours to the Bordeaux region, you have plenty of options. Athletic visitors may enjoy taking bike tours to admire the countryside. If you want a more laidback experience, do yourself a favor and book a tour with an English-speaking wine tour guide. Planning your wine tours in advance is recommended to have the best experience.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts: The Key Wines To Drink & Wine Chateaux To Visit

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