Wine Quest 3: Bouchard Pere & Fils Petit Chablis (Burgundy, France)

Welcome to wine 3 in my AOC wine quest! This is the first white wine I’ve reviewed, and I’m looking forward to sharing my notes and impressions with you.

As with previous entries in the wine quest, we will start with the vital wine facts to help you become oriented with this French wine.

Bouchard Père & Fils Petit Chablis

Wine Key Details

  • Producer: Bouchard Pere & Fils
  • Region: Petit Chablis, Burgundy
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Grape Varieties: Chardonnay
  • Year: 2018

Wine Tasting Notes


Bouchard Père & Fils Petit Chablis in the wine glass

The wine is very light and transparent with a clear pale gold appearance. In contrast to the full-bodied wines from Bordeaux, it was quite a change to see through the wine.


I found the aroma to be relatively restrained and subtle. I had to get reasonably close to the wine to pick up its aromas. I did detect citrus fruit eventually.


The petit Chablis had a refreshing acidity that was lovely to enjoy after a long walk outside. I found the taste aligned closely with the aroma – a subtle experience of citrus. I’d describe it as a mix of pear fruit with a bit of lemon. I had this wine with cheddar cheese and a variety of vegetables. I didn’t pick up as much of the mineral character as others have pointed out.

About The Producer

Since 1731, Bouchard Pere & Fils is a significant wine producer in the Burgundy region. Like other French wines, Bouchard Pere & Fils wines were significantly impacted by the French revolution. According to the producer’s website:

“During the French Revolution, property belonging to the clergy and nobility was confiscated and put up for sale. Joseph’s son, Antoine Philibert Joseph Bouchard, seized the opportunity to extend the family’s vineyard holdings in Beaune, including the famous “Beaune Grèves Vigne de l’Enfant Jesus.”

Fascinating! I have studied the French Revolution before but have rarely seen it presented in this fashion – as a business opportunity for an ambitious French wine producer!

Research Notes

I also did some research to see what wine writers have written about this wine and producer. One reviewer on commented that this wine returned to using a cork stopper (previous vintages had a screw top) and emphasized its mineral character. For more insight on how Chablis compares to other white wines, check out my comparison: Chardonnay vs Chablis.

The LCBO suggests serving the wine with “grilled calamari beside baby greens in terms of food and wine pairing.” I don’t tend to have calamari at home, so I didn’t pursue that particular suggestion. However, I did have this wine with a selection of fresh vegetables.

Wine Quest 3: Bouchard Pere & Fils Petit Chablis (Burgundy, France)

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