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Chablis vs Champagne: Differences, Taste & Prices for These French Wines

Comparing Chablis vs Champagne is a fun way to explore two popular French wine options. Experts in wine can tell the difference, and you’re about to learn them too. It all starts with where these wines are produced in France. Chablis vs Champagne: The Geography Difference The main difference between these wines is geography. That’s […]

Petit Chablis vs Sancerre: Differences and Similarities For The Discerning Wine Enthusiast

Comparing Petit Chablis vs Sancerre in the white wine category is easy with this guide. These wines both come from well-known French wine regions. Petit Chablis comes from Burgundy, while Sancerre wine is in the Loire Valley. Petit Chablis vs Sancerre Flavor Profile Comparison The flavor profiles of each white wine grape – Sancerre and […]

Grand Cru Champagne: Taste & History of This Sparkling Wine

The grand cru champagne category includes top-quality Champagne from France’s top wine brands. Champagne houses and vineyard owners who earn grand cru achieve a significant advantage over champagne producers. Grand Cru Champagne: What’s Special About Grand Cru? French wine producers are famous for using their classification of wines. The best-known classification was developed for Bordeaux […]

Cremant de Bourgogne: The French Rival To Champagne You Need To Know About

Crémant de Bourgogne is a sparkling wine from Burgundy, a legendary wine region in France. Many wine lovers start their journey in French sparkling with non-vintage Champagne and other wines from the Champagne wine region. Let’s establish why Burgundian winemakers are so famous. How Napoleon III Made Burgundian Wines Special You might already know that […]

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