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Vouvray Wine: The Delightful White Wine of France’s Loire Valley

Vouvray wine is a French white wine made from the Chenin Blanc wine grape. Picking up a bottle from the Loire Valley is a great place to start. Wine lovers enjoy Vouray because of Chenin Blanc’s rarity compared to other popular varieties like Sauvignon Blanc. Vouvray Wine: Taste and Sweetness Levels As you browse among […]

French White Wines: The Top 12 White Wines To Enjoy By Region

French white wines are excellent and deserve more attention. In comparison to the high-priced red wines of Bordeaux, French white wines offer a comparative bargain. There are multiple kinds of French white wines – international varieties like Chardonnay and Riesling, sweet dessert wines like Sauternes, and dry wines. You can find great French white wines […]

Why are French Wines Expensive? 8 Reasons Why (And How To Find Affordable French Wines)

Ever seen a $100 or $1000 bottle of French wine and wondered why are French wines expensive? Wine collectors quickly spend thousands of dollars (and more) on rare vintages. Yet, you can find inexpensive wine from France, Chile, and other countries. There are eight reasons why French wine is expensive. Reason 1 is that French […]

How Much Wine Per Day Do The French Drink?

The French drink about 53 bottles of wine per person per year (i.e., about one glass of wine per day as of 2019. In reality, French wine consumption is declining over time. Before you change your wine habits, let’s find out more about French wine drinking customs and how they compare to other countries. France […]

Petit Chablis: 5 Things To Know About This Classic Burgundy White Wine

Are you looking for a refreshing wine to enjoy during hot summers? Petit Chablis is a great choice. Petit Chablis is a type of white wine from the Chablis wine-growing region of Burgundy, France. Since Burgundy is a cooler climate, you will have a chance to experience a lean white wine that pairs well with […]

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