The Billionaire’s Vinegar: Unlocking the Real Mystery of Thomas Jefferson’s Wines

The world of rare wine collectors is mysterious and filled with intrigue. I finished reading “The Billionaire’s Vinegar” a few days ago, and I’ll share my thoughts here. What The Billionaire’s Vinegar is About In the 1980s, a sensational story took the wine world by storm. A person claimed to have discovered a cache of […]

The Everyday Guide to Wines of France (Audible) Review – Learn French Wine In An Afternoon

During the long months of the pandemic lockdown, I’ve been looking for ways to seek travel inspiration. In 2020, I watched the 20 DVD collection of Rick Steves travel shows and enjoyed his book “For The Love of Europe.” I also wanted to get back to European wine. So I picked up “The Everyday Guide […]

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