Best White Wine With Mediterranean Food: Italian, Greek, and Spanish Options

Finding the best white wine with Mediterranean food is a fun wine pairing challenge. Mediterranean food covers many dishes, including Middle Eastern, Italian foods, Greek cuisine, and more. This post focuses on white wines (i.e., low tannin wines), making them easy to enjoy. For simplicity, I’ll focus on four categories of wine pairing suggestions. Enjoy […]

Vouvray Wine: The Delightful White Wine of France’s Loire Valley

Vouvray wine is a French white wine made from the Chenin Blanc wine grape. Picking up a bottle from the Loire Valley is a great place to start. Wine lovers enjoy Vouray because of Chenin Blanc’s rarity compared to other popular varieties like Sauvignon Blanc. Vouvray Wine: Taste and Sweetness Levels As you browse among […]

An Urban Wine Tasting Adventure With Rembrandt In Ottawa

After many months of the lockdown, I finally went on a short trip to Ottawa. Since I have been to Ottawa many times, I went for a food, wine, and culture focus for this trip. Use these tips and observations as a resource to plan your next trip to Canada’s capital. Train Travel: The VIA […]

The Best Times To Visit Wine Country: California, France, and Ontario

You only have so much vacation time, so picking the right time to visit wine country is an important decision. Deciding when to visit wine country depends on the weather, your wine interests, and personal preferences. The best time to visit is summer (if you want to include non-wine activities), followed by the fall and […]

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