Wine Comparisons

Malbec vs Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Comparison: Flavors, Food Pairings, Alcohol & More

Are you considering Malbec vs Cabernet Sauvignon? Which will be your all-time favorite? Both types of wine are the perfect choice for many wine lovers. Unlike light-bodied wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, and cabernet sauvignon are full-bodied wines. That means that these wines are best enjoyed with a hearty dish. Let’s get down to business […]

Syrah vs Merlot: Notable Differences In Flavor, Food Pairing & More For Wine Beginners

Knowing the major differences between Syrah vs Merlot, two famous dry wines, is essential for any dedicated wine lover. This wine for beginners guide will emphasize affordable bottles, though you will also find an expensive bottle or two. Flavor Profile Comparison Syrah and Merlot are both popular red wines that have distinct flavor profiles. While […]

Merlot vs Shiraz: Differences, Similarities, and Food Pairing Tips

Choosing between Merlot vs Shiraz is a common question for red wine enthusiasts. In this guide, you’ll find the main differences and similarities between these popular red wine varieties. Understanding Merlot and Shiraz Merlot and Shiraz are two of the most popular wine types in the world. Still, they differ distinctly in origin, alcohol content, […]

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