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Wine For Enchiladas Verdes: What To Drink With Mexican Food

Finding the right wine for enchiladas Verdes when browsing wine lists is easy when you know what to look for. Wine pairings for Mexican food ultimately depend on using three principles: contrast, compliment, and personal taste. For now, let’s jump ahead to provide specific wine-pairing tips. White Wine Pairings For Enchiladas Verdes The most popular […]

Primitivo Wine Pairing: Flavors & Top Bottles To Try

Primitivo wine pairing is simple when you know a few simple food and cheese pairings. American wine enthusiasts sometimes compare this wine to Zinfandel, but it tastes quite different. To set the stage, let’s look at the flavor profile of these fantastic wines and where they come from. What Does Primitivo Taste Like? This red […]

Chicken Adobo Wine Pairing: Red Wine & White Wine Pairing Tips

The best chicken adobo wine pairing is simple when you follow a few wine pairing principles. Whether you come from a Filipino household or enjoy Filipino Chicken Adobo, this wine guide will get you started. Chicken Adobo Ingredients And Flavors The foundation of Chicken Adobo wine pairing is to understand the food’s flavors. For this […]

Low Tannin Cabernet Sauvignon: The Best Red Wine For White Wine Lovers

Buying a bottle of low tannin cabernet sauvignon is an excellent choice if you typically prefer white wines and want to try a red wine. Many wine drinkers know that Cabernet Sauvignon is usually a high tannic wine. A high tannin level can give the wine a bitter taste (also known as an astringent flavor) […]

Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc: Flavor, Food Pairings & Top Bottles

Late harvest sauvignon blanc is a popular dessert wine with higher residual sugar than traditional Sauvignon Blanc. Discover more about this sweeter wine’s flavor profile, food pairings, and top bottles. What Is Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc? White wines like late harvest Riesling and late harvest sauvignon blanc are harvested later than other wines. By letting […]

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