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Italian Red Blend Wine: 5 Affordable Choices Under $30

Italian red blend wines offer plenty of fruit flavors at reasonable prices. Use this guide to find good options from Italy’s wine regions, including southern Italy, central Italy, and beyond. Italian Red Blend: What Are The Main Wine Grapes Used? Knowing the main combinations of grape varieties used in Italian wine is essential. When you […]

Best White Wine With Mediterranean Food: Italian, Greek, and Spanish Options

Finding the best white wine with Mediterranean food is a fun wine pairing challenge. Mediterranean food covers many dishes, including Middle Eastern, Italian foods, Greek cuisine, and more. This post focuses on white wines (i.e., low tannin wines), making them easy to enjoy. For simplicity, I’ll focus on four categories of wine pairing suggestions. Enjoy […]

Italian Merlot: Flavors, Top Picks Under $50, Food Pairing Tips

Italian merlots are some of the best Merlot-based wines in Europe. Multiple winemakers make these beautiful wines. Merlot grapes are some of the primary grapes grown in Italy. Merlot is easily among the most popular red grapes grown in the country. Keep reading to find out what Italian Merlots taste like. Italian Merlot: What Do […]

Cru Chardonnay: Outstanding White Wines From France

Cru Chardonnay is a top-quality type of white wine made in France. Unlike the cheapest wines, cru Chardonnay requires high standards. Find out what makes these fascinating wines so desirable in this guide. What Is Cru Chardonnay? In the French wine industry, the word “Cru” literally means “growth.” This wine term is used to recognize […]

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