Wine Tips

Best Beginner Wines For Red and White Wine Enthusiasts

When you first get started in the wine world, you have questions. You’re probably not sure how much to spend. You might be worried that wine experts will give you complicated advice. Use this guide to the best beginner wines to find delicious wines that are easy to enjoy.  To help you find dry wines […]

Wine That Pairs With Ham: 6 Food Wine Pairing Ideas

Choosing wine that pairs with ham are simple. The best bet is to choose Riesling, a light Pinot Noir, or Zinfandel wines. The longer answer: it depends on a few factors like preparation, personal taste, and season. The Only Two Rules Of Food Wine Pairing In food-wine pairing, there are two general rules that most […]

6 Ways To Open Wine Without Corkscrew (How To Become A Wine MacGyver)

Open wine without a corkscrew? That’s a frustrating experience. It has happened to me while traveling. Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that you have no way to buy a corkscrew. Let’s also assume that you have a bottle of wine with a cork rather than a screw top. Understand The Risk There is […]

Champagne Alcohol Percentage: How Much Alcohol Is In One Glass?

On average, champagne alcohol percentage is usually around 12%. That means a few glasses of champagne or any sparkling wines can raise your blood alcohol levels. Simply looking at the alcohol by volume or champagne alcohol level information is not enough to make intelligent decisions about alcoholic beverages. When you know the typical champagne alcohol […]

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