Wine Tips

Does Wine Freeze? Yes, But You Probably Shouldn’t Freeze Wine

Does wine freeze? It is one of the most common questions people ask about leftover wine. After all, you might not be able to finish every bottle of wine you open. In general, wine does freeze because of its water content. Wine snobs might not like it, but some people even make wine cubes and […]

The Top 8 White Wine Grapes Wine Enthusiasts Need To Know About

Knowing the most popular white wine grapes unlocks a large part of the wine world. There are thousands of grape varieties in existence, so that we will focus on the white varieties you will most likely encounter at a wine bar or a wine shop. White wine grapes vary in color, but they are pretty […]

The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine: 20 Wines To Dream About In 2021

The most expensive bottle of wine in the world is constantly changing. Today, the most expensive bottle has sold for over half a million dollars. Whether you are a serious collector or just curious, check out this guide to the most expensive bottles of wine. Don’t Get Frustrated By The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine […]

How To Hold A Wine Glass Correctly: Temperature & Etiquette Tips

When you learn how to hold a wine glass properly, your wine drinking experience will improve right away. Wine connoisseurs know that holding a wine glass properly enhances the experience. The guiding focus will be to enhance your wine knowledge and wine-drinking experience by knowing the right way to hold a wine glass. Etiquette tips […]

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