Wine Tips

How Much Wine Per Day Do The French Drink?

The French drink about 53 bottles of wine per person per year (i.e., about one glass of wine per day as of 2019. In reality, French wine consumption is declining over time. Before you change your wine habits, let’s find out more about French wine drinking customs and how they compare to other countries. France […]

Best Wine Movies On Netflix: 10+ Must See Films For 2023

Want to expand your wine horizons at home? Checking out the best wine movies on Netflix is one of the best ways to get into wine further. Whether you are looking for heartwarming stories about Burgundian winemaking families, seeing Tina Fey in a wine comedy or a documentary about fake wine, streaming services like Netflix […]

Champagne Alternatives: 5 Sparkling Wines To Spice Up The Festive Season

There are plenty of appealing champagne alternatives if you are looking for an enjoyable sparkling wine experience for the festive season. While only wine made in the Champagne wine region can be called Champagne, many other wine regions make great alternatives to Champagne including Burgundy’s Cremant de Bourgogne. Two Ways To Look At Champagne Alternatives […]

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