Wine Tips

Champagne Alternatives: 5 Sparkling Wines To Spice Up The Festive Season

There are plenty of appealing champagne alternatives if you are looking for an enjoyable sparkling wine experience for the festive season. While only wine made in the Champagne wine region can be called Champagne, many other wine regions make great alternatives to Champagne including Burgundy’s Cremant de Bourgogne. Two Ways To Look At Champagne Alternatives […]

Wine Chocolate Pairing: 7 steps to take dessert to a new level

Wine chocolate pairing can be tricky because the intense flavors of chocolate can overwhelm the wine. Fortunately, there are easy ways to pair wine and chocolate by following these seven steps, even if you are not a wine professional. How to Pair Wine and Chocolate in 7 Easy Steps 1 Choose your wine Since this […]

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