Chardonnay Pronunciation: how to say it in English & French

Chardonnay pronunciation is easy once you practice it. In the wine community, some people get carried away with the correct grape pronunciation for Chardonnay which is one of the most-planted white wine grapes. In reality, getting the proper pronunciation is easy as a wine hobbyist. Use this cheat sheet for grape pronunciations to get the bottle you want in wine shops and restaurants. Knowing several ways to pronounce this grape variety is helpful because pronunciation preferences vary from person to person.

Chardonnay Pronunciation

Chardonnay Pronunciation In English

The English pronunciation of this critical white grape is straightforward when you see it as three sounds:

Shaar – duh – nay (with an emphasis on the last syllable)

Now that you know how to ask for this wine grape variety in English, let’s turn to the French wine pronunciations next.

Chardonnay Pronunciation In French

The French pronunciation of Chardonnay is a bit different. Some people consider it to be a tricky pronunciation if they are used to Italian pronunciation or even Spanish pronunciation.

Travel by Glass was started with a focus on French wines, so I tend to see the French pronunciation as the proper pronunciation for this iconic wine word.

Language classes aren’t needed to order a full-bodied white wine of great French Chardonnay or get a bottle of Cremant de Bourgogne. Just use the following prompt:

Shar – do – nè      

You may come across different wine terms in French wine regions like petit Chablis in your wine adventures. To discover more about how Chablis compares to Chardonnay, see this guide to Chardonnay vs Chablis.

What About Other Wine Regions?

You can find Chardonnay in nearly every wine region as one of the world’s most famous wine grapes. For example, Chardonnay is grown as an Italian wine grape (though Pinot Grigio is more common, discover how this wine compares to others: Chardonnay vs Pinot Grigio). In the Spanish wine region of Navarra and elsewhere, Chardonnay is standard.  

Chardonnay Pronunciation In Summary

Wine specialists may argue, but I don’t think there is a single correct pronunciation for this variety of grapes. Instead, It is more helpful to be flexible as you move from region to region. Using an American English pronunciation is fine when you see cool-climate wine regions like Ontario or Oregon on a wine menu. On the other hand, if you are visiting France, it is wise to go local and learn the French wine region pronunciation. Learning a few common wine phrases in English and French opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Chardonnay Pronunciation: how to say it in English & French
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