Grand Moscato: What To Know About This Sweet Wine

Grand Moscato is a fairly sweet wine made from Moscata Rosa wine grapes. Let’s take a look at what makes these fruit-driven wines special.

grand moscato wine comes from Moldova

Grand Moscato Flavor Profile

Most of the time, Moscato rating & reviews emphasize one quality of this wine: it’s a sweet wine. Some wine producers emphasize a specific fruit flavor like peach in the wine. If you like sweet citrus flavors in your wine, Grand Moscato might be a great dessert wine for you. This wine is available in both still and sparkling versions – the still version is most common.

Where This Wine Comes From

The wine is made in a few wine regions including Italy, Australia, and Moldova. The name of the wine will be slightly different depending on where it comes from. While this type of wine is associated most with Moldova, you can find other producers who offer this wine. In addition to Grand Moscato, Moldova is also known for its local grape varieties such as Rara Neagra and Viorica.

Wine Prices

The list below will give you a sense of the typical price range and avg price for these wines. Product pricing will vary depending on where you shop for products. To fully appreciate Moscato, it is helpful to compare it to other wines. Get started with this wine comparison guide – Riesling vs Moscato: Which Should You Swipe Right On?

Aiko Grand Moscato – Price: Under $20

This is a popular sweet wine known for its apple flavors. The wine has a 16% alcohol content. This Moldova wine tends to be quite affordable – a bottle usually sells for less than $20.

Moscato Peach – Price: Under $10

Unlike other Moscato options, this California wine is off-dry and has relatively low alcohol (6.5% alcohol by content). It’s a good choice if you don’t like the apple flavors found in Aiko Grand Moscato, then consider trying Moscato Peach instead.

Where To Buy This Wine

In my experience, Grand Moscato is less common than other wines like A and B. Therefore, you may not see the actual product listed on menus. Instead, you’ll need to visit a wine store that offers excellent service to find this wine. Several online wine retailers offer this wine for sale

What if you don’t feel like hunting for this rare bottle? In that case, take a look at these popular types of white wines instead. Find out more about Cru Chardonnay from France or the delights of late harvest Riesling.

Food Wine Pairing Tips

Pairing food with a sweeter wine takes some careful thought. Foods with significant spice and curry tend to pair well with Grand Moscato. This wine also pairs effectively with raw vegetables. If this wine is too sweet for your palate, you might prefer semi sweet Riesling instead.

Speaking of enjoying sweets, you might also be interested in this guide to wine chocolate pairing.

Grand Moscato In Summary

At Travel By Glass, I typically focus on French wines because that is where my passion for wine started. While French wines are wonderful, it’s fun to explore other lesser-known wine regions occasionally. For wine lovers looking for something different, try out Grand Moscato from Moldova.

Grand Moscato: What To Know About This Sweet Wine
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