How Many Bottles of Wine Are In A Case?

The answer to how many bottles of wine are in a case is simple: 12 bottles of wine. That is equivalent to 9 liters of wine (2.3 gallons), assuming you have a standard bottle (i.e., 750 ML per bottle). But, that’s not the full story. Sometimes, buying a case of wine is a waste of money! Before you buy that much wine, use thi pro and con guide.

How Many Bottles of Wine Are In A Case

Is Buying A Case of Wine A Waste of Money?

The answer to this simple question depends on your situation. There are a few situations where buying a case of wine makes sense and other situations. In other situations, buying a single bottle of wine is a better value.

When It Makes Sense To Buy A Case of Wine

There are a few reasons why buying a case of wine makes sense. If any of these options apply to you, then buy a case! I’m assuming we are looking at a domestic wine purchase to keep life simple. Buying a case of wine when traveling internationally and bringing it home is tricky because you would use your entire luggage allowance.  

1) Large Dinner Parties

If you are hosting a large dinner party like a wedding rehearsal, this is smart. You can sometimes get cheaper wines when you buy them by the case. However, ensure you have at least a few different types of wine for your guests. Some like prefer white wine while others might prefer red wine.

Playing the part of a good host at a cocktail party means thinking about your guests. As the resident wine expert, you might prefer only to serve wine. However, spare a thought for your beer-drinking guests in your planning. In addition, make sure to provide options for your guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.

2) Visiting A Winery

 In my experience, wineries are often happy to sell you an entire case of wine. Even better, buying half a case of wine (i.e. 6 bottles) is often possible. I prefer a half case because it is easier to carry and store. A bottle of wine weighs 2.65 lbs, so a case of wine would weigh more than thirty pounds!

Buying a case of wine at a winery offers good value if you can drive the wine home. It can quickly get far more expensive if you have to pay to ship the wine bottles.

3) You Have Discovered A New Favorite Bottle of Wine

It can take a while to discover which wines you love as a wine drinker. Starting with the best beginner wines will give your taste buds a head start. As you try more wines, you will probably find a particular wine you love. It might be an amazing Pinot Noir from France or an unoaked Chardonnay from France.

When you find a wine, you love, buying an entire case of wine is smart! In the past, I visited a winery in Ontario with an excellent oaked Chardonnay and bought multiple bottles. Buying a case of wine from a winery is an excellent choice if the winery has limited or no retail availability.

When you have a whole case of your favorite wine on hand, it is easier to share your discovery with your wine geek friends.

4) Building A Wine Collection

Some people enjoy the hunt to build wine collections. This type of wine snob is described in memorable detail in one of my favorite wine books – The Billionaire’s Vinegar. If you have the space and budget to buy lots of wine, buying your favorite wines by the case makes sense. There is even a chance your wine might appreciate over time.

When To Avoid Buying A Case of Wine

Buying a case of wine isn’t always a good choice. Here are a few reasons to avoid buying an entire case of wine.

1) You’re More Interested In Variety

Keep in mind that a case contains many servings of wine. By my estimate, a case of wine contains approximately 60 servings. A standard serving of wine is 5 ounces (or 148 ml).

Assuming you have five glasses of wine per week, it would take 12 weeks to finish that volume of wine. Alternatively, it would take about six weeks to finish a wine case if you shared it. Even if you have quality wine, drinking that much of the same vintage can get boring.

If you have only been interested in wine for a year or two, buying a case of wine rarely makes sense. Instead, it is a far better choice to avoid cases and wine clubs. Instead, visit your local wine shop and try a wide variety of high-quality wines.

2) You Have Limited Wine Storage Space

A bottle of wine can be spoiled easily by incorrect storage. For example, some people put their wine in their basement. It is far better to store wine in a wine fridge with a controlled temperature capability.

You might be tempted to speed up your alcohol consumption when you lack sufficient wine storage. In an ideal world, there should be no rush to finish a case of wine.

3) You Have Limited Money To Spend On Wine

A case of wine will tend to cost you hundreds of dollars! Let’s say that your bottle price is $20. A case of wine would cost over $200! Sure, you can get cheap wine for less than that… However, I didn’t get into wine to recommend bad wine or ways to buy the cheapest bulk-made wines.

There’s nothing wrong with having a limited budget to spend on wine. In that situation, buying one or two bottles of quality wine per month is far better. In that case, your focus should not be on how many bottles of wine are in a case. Instead, your focus should be what is the best bottle of wine I can get right now?

How Many Bottles of Wine Are In A Case?

The numerical answer to this question is simple – it is 12 standard wine bottles. It is one of the most common wine queries. It’s even more important to know when it makes sense to buy a case of wine and when to get individual bottles.

How Many Bottles of Wine Are In A Case?

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