How Much Is Pinot Noir Red Wine: 16 Pinot Noirs For Every Budget

Answering how much is Pinot Noir red wine is challenging because this wine at available at multiple price points. A wine lover can spend less than $20 for wine bottles or buy over $1000 for some of the best Pinot Noir in the world. To help you find your next bottle of wine, this guide will start with affordable price Pinot Noir and then move further up in the price range.

How Much Is Pinot Noir Red Wine

The Pinot Noir prices mentioned here are for retailers in the United States. Some vintages may cost more or less, so view this guide as a starting point. While you’re learning more about Pinot Noir, you might also want to know the answer to how much sugar in Pinot Noir wine.

This guide to Pinot Noir prices will cover a variety of producers. Some may also offer rosé wines, Pinot Blanc, or even sales of merlot wine. Those wines are not our focus – only Pinot Noir.

Affordable Pinot Noir Under $50 Per Bottle

The starting point to answering how much is pinot noir red wine is the affordable entry-level category of Pinot Noir wine bottles. The price you pay depends on multiple factors, like where you live. For example, a California resident might find it easy to get wine bottles from the Russian River Valley or Sonoma County. The vast majority of wine consumption, including Pinot Noir, is a dry wine, so we will focus on it here.

1 Yellow Tail Pinot Noir ($5)

A bottle of wine for under $10? Usually, I would say to look elsewhere. However, Yellow Tail makes decent wine and is widely available in the United States. The medium-bodied wine has 13.5% alcohol content and offers flavors of cherry and chocolate. If this Pinot Noir doesn’t suit your taste, try one of the other options below.

Do you prefer American Pinot Noir wine for your entry-level tasting? Mirassou vineyards pinot noir, available for less than $10 per bottle, is another good pick. Despite its low price, this wine has earned a few awards in San Francisco.

2 Giant Steps Pinot Noir ($30)

A well-regarded cool climate produced in Australia’s Yarra Valley has won multiple awards in competitions like the Global Masters, the International Wine Challenge, and the TEXSOM International Wine Awards. The wine’s flavor profile includes spicy notes and cherry flavors.

3 Paul O’Brien Pinot Noir ($31)

Coming from Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, this wine has earned a 92-point score from Wine Enthusiast. It has 13.5% alcohol content and offers raspberry, plum notes, and earth. It’s a terrific value wine to see Oregon wineries in action.

4 Pinot Noir ABC Oregon ($35)

Produced in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this wine offers fruity flavors of strawberries and blackberries. The wine is also unusual for including stems, giving the wine spicy notes. The 2019 vintage has 13.5% alcohol content, and a bit more acidity than one typically sees in Pinot Noirs.

5 Alouette Pinot Noir ($30)

This California Pinot Noir wine is produced in Sonoma County. The 2012 and 2011 vintages have earned outstanding scores from reviewers – so look for those if you can find them. The dry wine emphasizes red fruit notes like cherry and strawberry and offers some jammy fruit notes.

6 Domaine Nico Grand Père Pinot Noir ($40)

Produced in Argentina’s Uco Calley, this Pinot Noir wine has earned high scores for its 2019, 2018, and 2017 vintages. The flavor profile leads with red fruit notes like cherry and strawberry. In addition, you’ll experience oaky notes and earthy notes in this dry wine.

7 Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir Napa Valley ($40)

Robert Mondavi is known for producing excellent wines in California. The winery’s entry-level Pinot Noir offers black cherry and red cherry fruit flavors. The wine also offers balanced acidity also gives some balance to the wine. Take the Robert Mondavi Winery’s suggestion for unconventional food pairing suggestions: pair your glass of wine with pork tacos. There’s a good reason why Robert Mondavi wines have such high sales volume – they are some of the most popular favorite wines on the market.

8 Annapolis Winery Pinot Noir ($42)

Based in California’s Sonoma County, this Pinot Noir wine is produced at a family-owned winery. The Annapolis Winery offers sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Gewurztraminer. The wine flavor profile offers a mix of earthy notes and dried fruits like a prune.

9 Hartford Family Winery Hartford Court Land’s Edge Vineyards Pinot Noir ($49)

Produced in the Sonoma Coast, this Pinot Noir wine has earned a 96 score from Wine Enthusiast. The wine’s flavor profile includes raspberry, strawberry, and forest floor notes. With 14.9% alcohol content, this bottle of wine is one to savor gradually.

Mid-Tier Pinot Noir Over $50 Per Bottle

The mid-tier is where you see Vitis vinifera made into the great Pinot Noir. You can also find rarer wines, older wines, and more options when you have up to $100 to spend per bottle. It’s best to start with these bottles at home because they will likely cost much (i.e., over $150 or more) per bottle at restaurants.

10 Ashton Hills Reserve Pinot Noir ($66)

This Australian wine comes from the Adelaide Hills region of Australia. Don’t assume Australia only has warmer climates for wine. Adelaide Hills is known for being cooler climate, making it an excellent region for Pinot Noir production. The wine has 13 to 14.5 % alcohol by volume and is well supported by acidity and tannins.

11 The Hilt Vanguard Pinot Noir ($71)

Produced in California’s Santa Barbara County, this Pinot Noir has 14.1% alcohol by volume. The wine offers bright acidity, spice notes (e.g., nutmeg), and forest floor. This light red wine pairs well with poultry dishes like chicken and turkey. Speaking of turkey, make sure you read this post for the best wine for Thanksgiving.

12 Crystallum Cuvee Cinema Pinot Noir ($59)

This South African Pinot Noir is dry and smooth, emphasizing fruit notes rather than dark berry flavors. The winery is in Walker Bay, the Western Cape area of South Africa. I know the South African wine industry best for its Meritage, but it’s clear that it also has great Pinot Noir.

13 Davies Vineyards Ferrington Vineyard Pinot Noir ($71)

This Pinot Noir is produced in California’s Anderson Valley. The vineyard produces several varietal wines beyond Pinot Noir, so there is plenty to explore if you enjoy these wines. The flavor profile includes dark fruits (i.e., black cherry) and red cherry. In addition, oak aging gives the wine some character.

14 Truckee River Winery Best Man Pinot Noir ($77)

Are you looking for a different Pinot Noir experience? Seek out this bottle from the Santa Lucia highlands. It has won two awards from the San Francisco Chronicle wine competition. In the glass, you’re experiencing black cherry, raspberry notes, and hints of vanilla. It’s a smaller producer, so it may take some effort to track down this wine.

The Most Expensive Pinot Noir Wine

At the top end of the answer to how much is pinot noir red wine, it’s well over $1000 per bottle. We’ll focus on outstanding French wine like Domaine de la Romanee-Conti in Burgundy. You’ve tasted the affordable options and know you want to experience something more. These wine picks make some of the hottest gifts for a Pinot Noir wine lover.

Suppose you prefer white wines, though? Make sure you check out grape varieties like Chardonnay, including unoaked Chardonnay.

15 Domaine Leroy Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru ($3500 per bottle)

With bottles selling up to $10,000 each, Domaine Leroy is one of France’s most expensive Pinot Noir bottles. The Pinot Noir varietal wine is also certified biodynamic. Wine reviewers love this wine – it has earned an average score of 98 out of 100. Drinking a glass of wine like this is a bucket list experience for most of us!

16 Domaine Trapet Pere et Fils Chambertin Grand Cru ($350+)

This wine is a Grand Cru from Burgundy (i.e., a grand vin de bourgogne) and offers incredible value. The wine has earned an average score of 95 from wine critics. Finding top-tier Pinot Noir from France for less than $1000 per bottle is somewhat tricky. This wine would make an excellent gift for a devoted Pinot Noir lover. It is a moderately alcoholic wine with 13.5% ABV.

How Much Is Pinot Noir Red Wine In Conclusion

The Pinot Noir wine prices vary considerably from bargain bottles under $20 to collector bottles over $1000. You can get an even better price if you live close to a wine region like the Willamette valley vineyards, Annapolis valley, or Arroyo grande valley. The best way to discover Pinot Noir wine is to try a wide variety, including wines from the South Tyrol and Rita Hills. Pinot Noir wines in the $30 to $70 range offer the best value for most people.

How Much Is Pinot Noir Red Wine: 16 Pinot Noirs For Every Budget
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