Is Chardonnay Fattening? (Yes, and 4 Tips To Reduce Weight Gain)

To answer Is chardonnay fattening, it’s essential to break down this question and approach it from a few angles. Put your glass of wine aside, and look at the weight gain effect of drinking white wine.

Is Chardonnay Fattening
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The Short Answer To Is Chardonnay Fattening

A 5-ounce serving of Chardonnay wine typically has around 125 average calorie count (maybe more depending on alcohol by volume). It’s possible to reduce that calorie count in a few ways. For example, you can choose dry wine vs. sweet wines (dry wine has less sugar). However, you will encounter almost all Chardonnay (including the best Chardonnay wine), and Sauvignon Blanc is already dry wine.

While wine is enjoyable, no expert would put it on a list of healthy food choices. That’s because alcohol calories cannot compare to foods like vegetables, dairy, and meat in nutritional value. Drinking a significant amount of alcohol puts you at risk of weight gain (i.e., “beer belly”) and a higher risk of heart disease.

Tips To Minimize Wine Weight Gain

In these tips, we’ll solely look at the weight loss vs. weight gain effect of drinking wine. If you have other risk factors, like a high risk of depression, speak to your doctor about your drinking habits. It may be better to eliminate wine and all alcohol from your diet and focus on drinking lots of water. According to the CDC, moderate drinking means 2 drinks or less per day for men and 1 drink or less per day for women.

Tip 1: Minimize Drinking Calories For Weight Loss

Let’s cover the bad news first. If you’re concerned about weight gain or want to pursue weight loss, minimizing alcoholic drinks is wise. While the calories per glass may not seem like much, alcoholic drinks tend to add weight due to their alcohol and sugar content. One of the simplest ways to eliminate extra weight is to eliminate extra calories, like cutting your wine per day habit.

Tip 2: Track Much Chardonnay Wine You Drink

Be honest with yourself – how much do you drink each week? Many people binge drink on the weekend and have multiple drinks. That many additional calories will soon lead to a wine belly and other signs of weight loss. Heavy drinking – like multiple glasses of wine daily – will almost certainly result in weight gain over time.

Using the Notes app on your phone to track each glass of wine and water is one of the best ways to bring awareness to your drinking. Taking just a few seconds to track and gradually reduce your alcohol intake, even if you are drinking the best organic wine.

Tip 3: Reflect On What You Eat On A Night of Drinking

An evening of wine drinking often involves more than the calories in wine. Beyond your bottle of wine,  a lack of moderate consumption can lead to a lack of healthy choices. For example, you might end up eating a lot of snacks, a large amount of cheese, greasy foods, fatty food, and other kinds of junk food.

Why does calorie intake increase when you drink a lot of wine? The effects of alcohol often lead to reducing our self-control. That means snacks, chips, and other tempting foods (e.g. like constantly seeking out the best wine with pizza) suddenly feel almost impossible to resist.

In this way, the answer to Chardonnay fattening is yes! If you drink Chardonnay and then eat a lot of less healthy foods, weight gain is practically guaranteed.

Tip 4: Avoid Drinking Wine At Home (And Order Wine By The Glass)

Pay attention if you find yourself regularly drinking multiple glasses of wine at home. Indeed, a single glass of wine will not make you fat. However, keeping your wine consumption to a single glass is more difficult when you see an entire bottle of wine in front of you.

When you switch to drinking wine at restaurants, self-control gets easier. Order wine by the glass. Since it is inconvenient to keep ordering more wine, drinking wine in moderation gets easier. If you have a favorite wine bottle at home, seek out the opportunity to share it so that you don’t overindulge.

Is Chardonnay Fattening?

The answer is yes, especially if you binge drink and have wine at every meal. Instead of having multiple wine glasses at home, it is better to get the vast majority of calories from food. If you are concerned about weight gain, health, and wine habits, speak to your doctor for advice.

Is Chardonnay Fattening? (Yes, and 4 Tips To Reduce Weight Gain)
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