Moet Alcohol Percentage: What To Know With This Popular Champagne

Knowing the typical Moet alcohol percentage is vital to minimize the chance of champagne hangovers. When you understand the alcohol content of this type of sparkling wine, your champagne experience will improve immediately.

Moet Alcohol Percentage

Moet Alcohol Percentage: Details From Several Vintages

The alcohol content in Moët & Chandon varies depending on several factors. These examples illustrate what you expect to keep your blood alcohol content reasonable. You’ll find that the Moët & Chandon House is remarkably consistent as a champagne provider regarding alcohol levels.

Moët Impérial

Moët & Chandon Impérial wines have an average alcohol percentage of 12%. For example, Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial has 12% alcohol by volume. In addition, Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial has 12% alcohol by volume.

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial

This type of rosé champagne typically has a 12% alcohol by volume.

Ice Impérial

A glass of champagne from this bottle is similar to the others mentioned above: it has 12% alcohol content. So, what makes this alcohol with bubbles different from the others? Unlike the average winemaking process, this wine is made to be enjoyed with ice. Enjoying a glass or two of Ice Impérial is a fantastic way to make your champagne toasts different.

Moët & Chandon Limited Editions

The champagne house also offers limited editions. Unlike the average champagne, these wines may be more challenging to find. Champagne enthusiasts should keep the alcohol by volume figures in mind when drinking from these top-end bottles.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Gold Limited Edition

Presenting their wine in a signature style is a big part of enjoying champagne from Maison Moët. The gold limited edition of Maison Moët has a 12% alcohol percentage. With limited editions, the Moet alcohol percentage is not significantly different from the other bottles profiled. The gold limited edition might be more impressive as a gift than the other champagne options mentioned here.

How Does Moët & Chandon’s Alcohol Content Compare To Other Champagnes?

Simply understanding the average Moet alcohol percentage only tells you part of the story. That’s why wine experts and aficionados of champagne prefer to interpret average alcohol content by comparison. Check out the following post for additional insights: Champagne alcohol percentage: how much alcohol is in one glass?

From a price perspective, average quality champagne costs range from $50 to $75 per bottle. Some sparkling wine producers do not use the Champagne method. For example, Italian prosecco wine is less expensive partly because Italian producers use the tank method (i.e., fermentation in tanks).

How To Give Moët Champagne As A Gift

Sending a gift of champagne to a wine lover makes a fantastic gift. Whether you want to give a Rosé Champagne or a traditional Champagne, Moët et Chandon has a line of gift products called Specially Yours. You can include a special message like “Say Yes To Love” or “You Are My Favorite Person” on the box.

Giving exceptional champagnes is all about the thought and occasion. For example, I recommend champagne as an excellent pick for the best wine for engagement gift.  

Raise Your Champagne Flutes and Celebrate!

Whether you enjoy a bottle of Moet or prefer different champagne producers, pouring these wines into champagne flutes is a beautiful experience. As you drink, take a moment to enjoy the champagne bubbles. After enjoying a glass of Moet, try other wines such as Dom Perignon.

Moet Alcohol Percentage: What To Know With This Popular Champagne

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