Organic Merlot Wine: 6 Affordable Organic Wines To Try

Organic merlot wine is becoming a trendy style of wine. This type of wine offers the typical varietal flavors of Merlot, the typical deep ruby color, and potential health benefits. The quantity of organic wine production by region varies considerably. To help you navigate the options, just consider the variety of options available from multiple wine regions like Napa Valley, the Russian River Valley, the Willamette Valley, and the Columbia Valley AVA! We’ll keep life simple and focus on a small handful of wines.

Organic merlot wine

Organic Merlot Wine: Top 6 Picks

You might see some overlap between this list and my guide to organic white wine. That’s because we’re focused on leading organic wine producers with great reputations. None of these wines will appear on a list of the cheapest wines from bulk wine production brands. Instead, this list balances quality and avg price. We’ll not cover any alcohol-free red wine options in this post.

Frog’s Leap Merlot (Retail Price: $40)

The Napa Valley winery has produced Merlot in its clay soil since 1990. The wine was aged in French oak for 18 months to develop it. The 2020 vintage is made from a low-yield harvest, making the wine richer. The flavor profile includes black cherries and plush tannins. The winemaker suggests giving this wine a few years or decanting it for a time. Wine appreciation often requires patience.

Candoni Organic Merlot (Retail Price: $12)

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Sicily and see the island’s history and vineyards. Suppose you’d like to experience the island’s beautiful wines. The wine flavor profile includes notes of blackberry and other black-fruit flavors like blackcurrant. The affordable gluten-free wine has a nice flavor and goes well with blue cheese and mushrooms.

Farm Hand Organic Merlot (Retail Price: $15)

Our next wine pick comes from South Australia. This Australian Merlot has significant red fruit notes like red cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. The smooth tannins are light, making this wine a good choice for white wine enthusiasts. The wine has a 14.5% alcohol content so keep that in mind as you drink.

Frey Vineyards Organic Merlot (Retail Price: $20)

Produced in California’s Redwood Valley, Frey Vineyards is known for its biodynamic and organic wines. The producer’s Merlot has unique plum flavors and blackberry flavors. With 14% alcohol content, this wine is affordable. The success of Frey Vineyards shows traditional winemaking methods don’t have to hurt affordability.

Summerhill Pyramid Organic Merlot (Retail Price: $30)

This Canadian Merlot wine comes from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The flavor profile emphasizes black fruit notes of plum and cherry flavors. In addition, the wine is oak aged and offers wonderful rich baking spices. The 2020 vintage has a 13.3% alcohol content.

Badger Mountain Organic Merlot (Retail Price: $23)

Produced in the Columbia Valley of Washington State, this certified organic Merlot has 13.5% alcohol content. Some earlier vintages from 2000 and earlier had lower scores. Fortunately, more recent vintages like 2019 are receiving a far more positive review from the wine community. The wine has flavors of blackberry and blueberry notes and some notes of oak (e.g., vanilla and coffee).

Food Wine Pairings

Pairing organic Merlot wine with food is simple when you follow a few guidelines.

  • Cheeses. Try these types of wines with hard cheeses.
  • Vegetarian Options. Organic Merlot tends to pair well with olives and mushrooms.
  • Meat Pairings. Merlot wines work well with multiple meat dishes like turkey, duck, and lean beef. Many people consider Merlot to be the best wine for Thanksgiving.

Want to see how organic Merlot compares to other red wines? See my guide to organic Pinot Noir and see if you’re more interested in Merlot or Pinot Noir.

Organic Merlot Wine In Summary

Organic Merlots are an excellent choice for health-conscious wine drinkers. Since these wines avoid artificial ingredients, the flavor profile can be unpredictable from bottle to bottle. Conventional wine producers use additives to make their wines more uniform in taste, while organic wines tend to vary. Organic Merlot wine is also a good choice for people that want to cut their risk of a hangover. Organic wines sometimes lead to fewer hangovers because there are fewer sulfites, a common ingredient in most wines.

Organic Merlot Wine: 6 Affordable Organic Wines To Try

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