Organic Pinot Noir: The Best Australian and California Bottles To Try

Organic pinot noir is one of the most exciting wine categories today. Pinot Noir has long been known as a difficult grape to grow, but exceptional vintages show what is possible. Remember that organic wine production methods are typically more expensive than conventional methods. If you are looking for the cheapest wines, look elsewhere for that sort of wine.

This wine companion guide will introduce you to organic pinot noir, an international wine known for its black fruit notes and consistent appearance (i.e., ruby in colour). Prefer Merlots? Check out my guide to organic merlot wine instead.. This guide gives you a direct wine connection to the leading organic Pinot Noirs on the market.

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Organic Pinot Noir: What’s Special About It?

There is a vast array of wine styles made from the ancient grape known as Pinot Noir. Generally, organic Pinot Noir and conventional Pinot Noir have a lot in common. You will find notes of dark fruits, aromas of bright strawberry, notes of spices, and earthy notes in the glass. Sometimes these dry red wines also have notes of fresh strawberries and a bold tannin structure. Both types of wine appear ruby in color; some will have a deep ruby appearance while others will have a brilliant ruby colour. The tannin experience for these red wines varies considerably; ripe tannins, earthy tannins, and more are typical.

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The organic wine style is distinct in a few ways. First, this type of wine, like biodynamic wine, will often cost more than conventional wine. Organic wine production often requires more effort and more expensive methods. In addition, adding organic to a wine label is partially a marketing strategy to support higher prices. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering if organic wine is worth it.

According to the Journal of Wine Economics, organic wines do taste better! The study examined the ratings of professional wine critics. That said, this study is not the final word. Critics of organic wine object that organic wines sometimes taste bad. Why? Organic production techniques are more varied – you will get both fantastic and less impressive wines.

Australian Organic Pinot Noirs

Australia has become one of the leading wine producers of organic wines, including Pinot Noir. We’ll start with Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. This region is located east of Melbourne; the Yarra Valley is home to dozens of wineries. Based in Victoria, the Yarra Valley is best known for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Olsen Yarra Valley Preservative Free Pinot Noir

Olsen Wines make a wine suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is produced in a single vineyard. The fruit aromas in this wine include cherry notes. Free of preservatives and aged in French oak, this Australian red wine has 14.5% alcohol content. The balanced acidity gives the wine a crisp finish. The wine has fine tannins, so it will be a good pick for people who prefer soft tannins.

Wild Folk Preservative Free Pinot Noir

This Australian Pinot Noir is a vegan-friendly option with cherry notes and a light finish. The bottle has a 13% alcohol level. The bottle is also sealed with wax which makes it different from most bottles. As a canvas for wine pairing, this wine pairs well with mushrooms.

Spring Seed Aster Pinot Noir

Produced in South Australia, Spring Seed offers a dry organic Pinot Noir. The tasting notes for this wine emphasize red fruit notes like cherry and raspberry. That’s not all. This wine also has spice notes and oak-influenced flavors like vanilla and chocolate.

Temple Bruer Preservative Free Pinot Noir

Produced in South Australia, this delicate organic Pinot Noir bottle has 12.5% alcohol by volume. The tasting notes vary, including pink pepper, cranberry, strawberry, and mint. The winemaker sells individual bottles for $25, which makes this a relatively affordable option.

Marlborough Pinot Noir

Marlborough is a wine region in New Zealand’s South Island. The region is well known for its Sauvignon Blanc. In addition, there are also key vintages of Pinot Noir produced in Marlborough.

Villa Maria Organic Marlborough Pinot Noir

Villa Maria is one of New Zealand’s most prominent and best-known wine producers. This red wine will have a combination of earthy complexities in the glass. This Pinot Nor has light acidity and blueberries in fruit flavors.

Stoneleigh Organic Pinot Noir

Stoneleigh makes an affordable organic Pinot Noir. You’ll find a combination of mixed spice, which balances the fruity wine characteristics. With a 12.5% alcohol by volume, this screw-top wine is made to be enjoyed right now. This wine has earned high marks for value for money from Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide.

Marlborough Sounds Organic Pinot Noir

This New Zealand screw top dry wine has 13.5% alcohol content. You’ll enjoy the red and blue fruit flavors in the glass. The alluring spice note adds further appeal to the wine. The wine also has a light-bodied palate, something to keep in mind when you select foods to go with this bottle.

California’s Organic Pinot Noirs

Almost every guide to wine grape production by region features California. There’s a good reason for that – the region produces outstanding wines. Let’s start with a lesser-known area – Mendocino County.

Castle Rock Mendocino County Pinot Noir

This organic Pinot Noir bottle has won a gold medal from the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Priced at over $100 per bottle, this 14.5% alcohol content wine offers a long finish. In the wine glass, you’ll enjoy raspberry and strawberry notes.

Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot Noir

Affordably priced at less than $20 per bottle, this Mendocino County wine shows organic wines don’t require higher prices. With 13.3% alcohol content, this Pinot Noir offers black cherry fruit, and firm tannins support the wine. The gentle acidity is strong enough to support the wine.

Frey Vineyards

Frey Vineyards has earned significant recognition because it was one of the first organic wine producers in the United States. The winery’s organic pinot noir makes an excellent cocktail wine. Ask your wine shop for frey vineyards organic pinot noir to experience this organic leader.

Eden Rift Valliant Pinot Noir

Produced in California’s Central Coast wine region, this winery committed to organic winemaking in 1996. The wine’s fantastic tannin structure is described as supple. The tasting profile is appealing, with black cherry, cranberry, and spice notes.

Charles Shaw Pinot Noir

This budget-friendly organic red wine is a good entry point to the world of California organic wines. The flavor profile includes black fruit notes (e.g., plum and blackberry) and red fruits. This bottle may be for you if you like wine with raspberry notes. While pleasant, keep your expectations reasonable. This organic pinot noir typically sells for less than $10 per bottle.

Which Wine Regions To Look For

The best wine regions for organic Pinot Noir are Australia and California. Start with those regions in your local wine store, and you will be good. In California, Mendocino County is an excellent place to look. For Australia, look for wines in Victoria and South Australia.

Organic Pinot Noir In Summary

Finding organic Pinot Noirs is easy when you know what to look for. Australian wine producers offer excellent value, so that is where most wine enthusiasts should start. If you are in the US, a few organic producers like Eden Rift and Frey Vineyards offer fantastic wines. Find out more about other organic wine options in my guide to the best organic wine.

Organic Pinot Noir: The Best Australian and California Bottles To Try
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