Petit Chablis vs Sancerre: Differences and Similarities For The Discerning Wine Enthusiast

Comparing Petit Chablis vs Sancerre in the white wine category is easy with this guide. These wines both come from well-known French wine regions. Petit Chablis comes from Burgundy, while Sancerre wine is in the Loire Valley.

Petit Chablis vs Sancerre wines are compared in this post

Petit Chablis vs Sancerre Flavor Profile Comparison

The flavor profiles of each white wine grape – Sancerre and Petit Chablis – share some common points (like both pairing well with goat cheese) as white wines. However, there are quite a few differences that set these wines apart. For a full overview of petit chablis, see my post: Petit Chablis: 5 Things To Know About This Classic Burgundy White Wine.

Sugar Content

Many wine drinkers start by asking for dry wines and sweet wines. Let’s see how these varieties compare to help you choose the bottle of wine suited to your meal and taste.

  • Petit Chablis. This French wine is typically made in a dry wine style.
  • Sancerre. Sancerre is often regarded as one of the best sweet wines made in France.

Fruit Flavors

The residual sugars in white wines only tell part of the flavor story. It’s also helpful to consider the fruity flavors. These two white wines have a lot in common regarding fruit flavors.

  • Petit Chablis. Expect to enjoy citrus notes like lemon and grapefruit.
  • Sancerre. This Loire Valley is known for a few flavors: lime, apple, peach, grapefruit, and gooseberry.

Secondary Flavors

Aside from the most inexpensive wines, most wines offer additional flavors beyond fruit.

  • Petit Chablis. The Burgundian wine typically has a flint or stony mineral flavor. You may see this characteristic mentioned on a wine list. A Chablis Grand Cru is more likely to have complex flavors.
  • Sancerre. In contrast to Petit Chablis, Sancerre’s secondary flavors are herbal. You’ll see flavors like hay, grass, or white pepper.

Alcohol Content

It’s essential to look at alcohol content when drinking wine to enjoy your drink responsibly. The following details are averages. Consulting wine labels before opening or drinking wine is always a bright idea.

  • Sancerre Alcohol Content: Sancerre wine usually has a 10-12% alcohol content or ABV.
  • Petit Chablis Alcohol Content: This white wine typically has 12.5% alcohol content.

Food Wine Pairings

Choosing what to drink with these French wines is easy with these tips. Above and beyond these food-wine pairings, going local is always helpful. Look at French regional cuisine and traditional pairings in the Loire Valley or Burgundy.

Petit Chablis Food Pairings

Petit Chablis is similar to other dry white wines like Pinot Gris, Chenin Blac or Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio. Stay away from beef dishes and try the following dishes instead.


Like Chenin Blanc and other white wines, Petit Chablis pairs well with the seafood dishes such as oysters, shrimp, and mussels. The natural acidity in the wine goes well with the saltiness of seafood.


Petit Chablis works well with several kinds of cheese, including goat cheese, Brie, and Camembert. Experts typically recommend against pairing Petib Chablis with aged cheeses.

Chicken and poultry

Petit Chablis is well suited for several chicken dishes, including chicken salad and roasted chicken.

Sancerre Food Pairings

As a sweet wine, food pairing gets a bit more challenging. There are still a few different options to enjoy along with this wine. Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, the area’s Kimmeridgian soil influences the taste of Sancerre wines.


Like Petit Chablis, a glass of Sancerre pairs well with goat cheese. That’s excellent news because goat cheese is one of my favorite cheeses!

White Meat  Dishes

Sancerre wine also pairs effectively with chicken, pork, and turkey. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Chardonnay grape, a bottle of Sancerre could work well with Thanksgiving.

Petit Chablis vs Asked Questions

There are a few more common questions people tend to ask when comparing Petit Chablis vs Sancerre wines. Let’s take a look so you can put these wines in context.

Where is Petit Chablis wine made?

Petit Chablis wine is made in Burgundy, France. Petit Chablis is made from the Chardonnay grape. has a helpful map showing where precisely these wines are produced.

Where is Sancerre wine made?

Sancerre wine is made in the Loire Valley region of France. Specifically, Sancerre is an appellation in the eastern Loire Valley. Winemaking in Sancerre has a very long history. The first written record of wine in the region dates back to 582.

The Sancerre region is best known for its white wines, so that is our focus. It is also important to note that Sancerre also produces Pinot Noir wine.

Petit Chablis vs Sancerre: Differences and Similarities For The Discerning Wine Enthusiast
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