Price of Chardonnay: 12 Wine Options (Budget, Mid-Tier and High End)

Discover the price of Chardonnay
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The price of chardonnay wine varies widely depending on quality, region, and other factors. Use this guide on the price of Chardonnay so that you can make a confident choice at the wine shop.

The Only Two Factors That Drive The Price of Chardonnay

Before looking at the specific options, it’s worth taking a minute to look at the factors influencing price. Fundamentally, supply and demand determine the cost of your bottle of wine. Let’s take a closer look at each factor so you can make good choices as a wine enthusiast.

Factor 1: The Supply of Chardonnay Wine

Supply influences the price of Chardonnay in several ways. First, there is a limited supply of chardonnay grapes in the world. Some wine producers intentionally harvest only high-quality grapes, which further reduces the supply. In addition to the grape supply, there is also a limited supply of wine equipment like high-quality oak barrels. In addition to these factors, supply chain problems can also impact the price of chardonnay wine. In reality, there is no such thing as a single supply of Chardonnay. For example, some wine drinkers exclusively prefer French Chardonnay (learn Chardonnay pronunciation in English and French) or American Chardonnay.

Factor 2: Demand for Chardonnay Wine

Several demand factors influence chardonnay wine prices. Demand is likely to increase when a wine received a high score from the foremost wine rating experts. For example, a 97-point wine rating is relatively rare, and when it is given out, wine prices tend to increase. In addition to reviews, winery marketing can drive up chardonnay wine prices. For example, a winery might tell an interesting story about how the same family has produced their wine for generations. In that case, a family-owned winery might produce costly wine because they choose to focus on quality.

Price of Chardonnay: Budget Options Under $35 Per Bottle

Beginner wine drinkers tend to have a limited budget, but that is not a problem. Most bottles of wine sold in the world are priced quite affordably. You can find many popular wines priced at $20 or less per bottle. The average wine drinker who is getting started with Chardonnay wine should find this list helpful. Note that I am going to avoid the cheapest wines on the market in the section.

According to Wine-Searcher, here are 4 bottles of Chardonnay white wine priced under $30 and have an excellent average score from wine experts.

1 2018 Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Chardonnay (Chile)

Average Critics Score: 92/100

Average Price: $27 per bottle

2 2015 Pence ‘Rosa’ Chardonnay (California)

Average Critics Score: 95/100

Average Price: $23 per bottle

3 2018 Domaine Hamelin Beauroy (a French Chardonnay known as Chablis)

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $26 per bottle

4) 2018 De Morgenzon Reserve Chardonnay

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $32

Price of Chardonnay: Wine Enthusiast Options From $35 to $100 Per Bottle

The next category of Chardonnay white wine is the mid-tier, priced between $31 to $100 per bottle. At this level, you can find individual vintages with compelling character. If you are hosting a wine tasting at home, it is best to choose bottles at this price range to experience the difference in taste.

To inform this Chardonnay white wine section, we are drawing on the aggregate critic score and price data gathered by Wine-Searcher.

1) 2016 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $55 per bottle

2) 2016 Talley Vineyards Rosemary’s Vineyard Chardonnay

Average Critics Score: 95/100

Average Price: $46 per bottle

3) 2017 Chanin Bien Nacido Vineyard Chardonnay

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $48 per bottle

4) 2017 Hoddles Creek Estate ‘Syberia’ Chardonnay

Average Critics Score: 96/100

Average Price: $44 per bottle

Price of Chardonnay: Wine Collection Options Over $100

In this wine category, a single bottle of wine can cost 0 or more than 00 in some cases (pricing is different when you look at cases – find out how many bottles of wine are in a case). I have bought wines over $100, but I have yet to buy a bottle of wine for more than $200. Once again, the aggregated critic score and related date from Wine-Searcher will inform the shortlist.

1) 2018 Louis Jadot Domaine des Heritiers Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $245 per bottle

Note that Louis Jadot also produces more affordably priced wines so you can sample what the producer has to offer at a lower price.

2) 2019 Domaine Henri Boillot Clos Richemont Monopole

Average Critics Score: 93/100

Average Price: $172 per bottle

3) 2018 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot Champ-Canet

Average Critics Score: 91/100

Average Price: $112 per bottle

4) 2017 Laurent Ponsot Les Charmes ‘Cuvee de la Centauree’

Average Critics Score: 90/100

Average Price: $210 per bottle

You Know The Price of Chardonnay, What’s Next?

Knowing your way around Chardonnay white wine is an excellent first step in your wine journey. As you pour your next glass of wine, you enjoy reading some wine fiction. Chardonnay is a popular wine grape, but there are other popular wine grapes you’re likely to encounter. To help guide you through the most common varieties, see our guide on the best beginner wines.

Price of Chardonnay: 12 Wine Options (Budget, Mid-Tier and High End)

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