Remy Grand Cru: Taste, Price & Reviews

Remy Grand Cru is a French wine style popular on special occasions. In the French wine world, this luxury beverage comes from the Cognac area. As a wine enthusiast, this type of wine bottle is relatively uncommon. To expand your wine horizons, let’s take a closer look at the taste, Price, and reviews of this French wine.

Remy Grand Cru

What Is Remy Martin?

In the grand wine category, there are many elegant wines. So, what makes Rémy Martin distinct? The wine producers is known for producing sparkling wines and brandy wines. If you are unfamiliar with sparkling wines, start with the best that France has to offer in the champagne wine region.

In addition to sparkling wine, Remy Grand Martin also produces brandy. In contrast to wine, brandy has a far higher alcohol content. In general, brandy has a 35-60% alcohol content. Therefore, brandy is often used as an ingredient in cocktails or for sipping small amounts. Brandy is typically made by distilling wine into spirits.

Remy Grand Cru: Champagne Options

Is sparkling wine your wine of choice? Fantastic, brut champagne is a great starting point. These wines are made in the Champagne wine region, one of the world’s greatest sparkling wines. These sparkling wines are made out of the standard trifecta of grapes: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot blanc.

If you can’t afford a grand cru, there are affordable options. For instance, the Bernard Remy Carte Blanche Brut sells for about $30 to $50 per bottle. The fruit aromas in this wine include citrus, apple, and plum.

Remy Martin Cognac: Taste, Price, and Alcohol Content

There are a few different Remy Grand Martin bottles on the market.

Rémy Martin VSOP

  • Retail Price: $50 and up, excluding sales tax
  • Alcohol Content: 40%

The producer tasting notes for the Rémy Martin VSOP give an excellent summary of the beverage’s flavor profile. There is a perfect harmony of sweet spice and delicate stone fruit (i.e., apricot). Further, you’ll notice baked fruit notes (i.e., apple) and oaky notes like vanilla. Expect to spend between $50 to $100 for a bottle.

As a brandy, your bottle includes champagne grapes. Therefore, some people describe Remy Martin as a producer of Champagne cognacs. The wine for distillation goes through multiple steps to distill it into a luxury drink. This complex production process is what transforms sparkling wines into cognac. To achieve the dark copper color and other distinct qualities,  

Rémy Martin XO

  • Retail Price: $161 excluding sales tax
  • Alcohol Content: 40%

Rémy Martin also makes other drinks, such as the Rémy Martin XO. This brandy offers sharp spice, honey, and ginger. Reviews usually highlight mentions of tree fruit like candied oranges and figs. The

Remy Grand Cru In Summary

Enjoying a glass of Remy Grand Cru in perfect contention is a delight in your wine journey. A glass of brandy is best enjoyed gradually on the rocks or in a cocktail. If you don’t like the high alcohol content in brandy, try a bottle of sparkling wine instead.

Remy Grand Cru: Taste, Price & Reviews
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