Snacks with wine: 15 must-have snack ideas (sweet and savory options)

Snacks with wine is an approach to pairing wine just right for home. A classic wine pairing like the wine with steak isn’t always what you’re in the mood for.

In this snacks with wine guide, you’ll learn about traditional pairing options like cheese boards, salty snacks, and even some healthy snacks. Once you find a few tasty wine snacks, try them out with a few versatile wines.

snacks with wine

Snacks With Wine: Savory Snack Ideas

The savory snacks category (which includes salty treats) is an excellent choice for many wines. We’ll start with a classic pairing – cheese – that makes a great light snack for many wines.

Most wine tastings feature at least one of these food pairings, so it is smart to know your way around these common options.

1. Cheese and Charcuterie

Almost every bottle of wine – whether you have a fruit-forward red wine or a light-bodied white wine – makes a great flavor combination with cheese. The secret to an excellent cheese and wine party is to choose the best cheese for your wine.

  • Blue Cheese: sweet wine pairings like port or another dessert wine are a great starting point.
  • Feta Cheese: A Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine for this cheese. For specific wine suggestions, see this guide to good Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Cheddar cheese: A range of wine options work well here, such as full-bodied red wines (e.g., Cabernet Sauvignon) and rosé wines.
  • Soft and creamy cheese: A lighter wine like Pinot Grigio goes well with soft and creamy cheeses like Chèvre, Brie, and Camembert.

Remember that personal preferences vary, so putting a few different options on your cheese platter is best.

A classic choice, various cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or Cheddar, paired with cured meats like prosciutto or salami, are great with wine.

2. Olives

Olives pair well with a variety of wines. Wine and olives (including olive oil!) have gone together for thousands of years. Try the following pairing to experience the rich flavors of olives and wine.

For Kalamata Olives, try a light white wine or a Pinot Noir.

3. Nuts

Almonds, cashews, or mixed nuts offer a satisfying crunch and complement a wine’s nutty flavors.

Walnuts and pecans perfectly accompany a sweeter port or ice wine.

4. Crackers

Choose plain or whole-grain crackers to serve with your cheese and wine. A cracker with a neutral flavor will be a perfect match for almost all types of wine.

5. Hummus

Creamy hummus pairs well with the flavor profiles of red and white wines and can be enjoyed with pita chips or fresh veggies. Keep hummus in mind as a healthy option for snack trays.

6. Bruschetta

Tomato, basil, and garlic-topped bruschetta are a tasty accompaniment to classic red Italian wines like Chianti or Barbera.

Alternatively, garlic bread lovers may prefer sparkling wine as a crispy snack.

7. Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon on toast points or crackers works wonderfully with Champagne or sparkling wine.

8. Caviar

If you’re feeling fancy, caviar is a luxurious choice with Champagne or a crisp white wine. Saving a quality glass of wine with this refined food is perfect, especially for an elegant snack.

9. Tapenade

Olive tapenade spread on small pieces of bread goes well with a glass of sparkling wine.

10. Deviled Eggs

The creamy filling of deviled eggs pairs well with drier wines like Pinot Gris.

Snacks With Wine: Sweet Snacks Options

Pairing snacks with your favorite wine can be more difficult if you have a sweet tooth. Don’t worry – I’m up to the challenge. Wine also has sweet flavors, so it is just a question of finding the correct type of wine – get started with these ideas!

11. Chocolate

Dark chocolate, especially with a high cocoa content, can complement red wines, enhancing their fruitiness and depth.

Tip: To avoid a bad pairing, the first step is to start with high-quality chocolate. For more tips on bringing together chocolate and wine, see this wine chocolate pairing post.

12. Gourmet Popcorn

Truffle oil or Parmesan cheese-flavored popcorn offers a unique sweet and savory combination with a glass of sparkling wine.

13. Crostini with Goat Cheese and Fig Jam

The creamy goat cheese and sweet fig jam on toasted bread pair nicely with red or white wines.

14. Candied Nuts

 Sweet and spicy candied nuts can provide a delightful contrast when sipped alongside wine. Candied nuts on a snack tray offer an excellent alternative to crackers and cheese.

15. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a perfect pairing for wine if you follow these steps. Fruity wines are particularly good with wine. These tasty treat options are plentiful if you’re tired of relying on junk food pairings with wine.

  • Apple – it depends on the apple. For example, Pinot Noir is an excellent red wine pick. The buttery flavor of Chardonnay also combines well with the fresh flavor of apples.
  • Pear – The ideal match for pears is white wines like Gewürztraminer or a Viognier.
  • Strawberries – Similar to pear, strawberries tend to pair

Snacking With Wine: Experiment To Find Your Favorite Combinations

Whether you prefer tortilla chips, milk chocolate, or green olives, there is a wine pairing that works well with wine. While wine and cheese is a classic pairing, it is just one of many options. At your next dinner party, try one of these different options.

Snacks with wine: 15 must-have snack ideas (sweet and savory options)
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