Syrah Recommendations: French, US & Australian Wines

With just a few Syrah recommendations, you’ll be ready to delve into the realm of Syrah wines, where the interplay of dark fruit nuances and the captivating essence of Napa Valley’s terroir unfolds in every sip. Renowned for its bold flavors, Syrah is an emblem of winemaking prowess, thriving across various climates, from sun-soaked expanses to the embrace of cooler regions.

Syrah Recommendations

Napa Valley’s sun-drenched days and cool nights embrace Syrah vines, nurturing grapes of unparalleled complexity. Each uncorked bottle of Syrah reveals a symphony of black fruit (like black plum, blackberry, or black cherry), often kissed by a hint of black pepper. This versatile grape showcases an array of wine styles, from opulent robustness to refined elegance, particularly in cooler climes.

Both wine enthusiasts and professional critics appreciate Syrah-based wines as a testament to the harmonious marriage of terroir and craftsmanship. From the connoisseur’s discerning palate to the novice’s eager appreciation, these wines resonate universally. Whether shared among friends or contemplated in solitude, each sip encapsulates the legacy of a varietal that has left an indelible mark on the world of wine, a testament to its enduring allure and artistry.

Syrah Recommendations: Top French Wines

The Syrah grape variety is made in a wide range of styles and regions. The first step to choosing delicious wines is to choose a wine region. Travel by Glass is inspired by high-quality wine from France, so we’ll start with some of France’s finest wines.

Domaine Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie Cote Blonde

This Northern Rhone bottle of dry wine sells for over $200 per bottle. Wine experts give this wine high praise. You can expect to enjoy intense flavors of plums, dark cherries, and even sweet spices in your glass. This French wine is a blend – 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier and has approximately 14% alcohol content.

Chateau de la Negly Languedoc Clos des Truffiers

This outstanding bottle of wine from the Languedoc region has earned high praise from wine experts. Please don’t skip this wine because it is not from the Côtes Du Rhône or elsewhere in the Rhône Region. The wine’s complex flavor profile includes a mix of blueberries, vanilla, and licorice.

If these wines don’t suit your taste, try the best wine for beginners.

Syrah Recommendations: USA and Australia

Syrah wines in Australia, the US, and other New World locations are sometimes called Shiraz. Don’t let that confuse you. Syrah and Shiraz are both the same dark-skinned grape variety.  

Ramey Syrah

The Sonoma Coast style of wine has a lot to offer. The wine has a signature savory note. The wine blends two grape varieties (89% Syrah and 11% Viognier). To give the wine additional complexity, the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 28 months.

If you like this wine, check out the wine maker’s other bottles, including the Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.

Cayuse Vineyards Bionic Frog Syrah

If money is no object, pick up this Walla Walla Valley wine. Wine Enthusiast gave this wine a 92-point score. The outstanding wine offers a long finish. The flavor profile includes both plum flavors and herbal qualities. At more than $400 per bottle, this is not an entry-level, but it’s tough to beat the layered flavor profile.

Penfolds RWT – Bin 798 Shiraz

In the Australian wine industry, Syrah is typically called by a different name: Shiraz. This Barossa Valley wine has a lot to offer to a seasoned wine connoisseur. The exceptional wine weaves a core of blueberries and hints of wild herbs. It is a fine example of a Barossa Shiraz by any measure.

d’Arenberg The Dead Arm Shiraz

Produced in Australia’s McLaren Vale, professional wine critics have lavished praise on this wine. The Black fruit flavors are striking, and the tannic structure is impressive. The bold character of this makes it a champion full-bodied red wine.

Food Pairing Recommendations for Syrah

Syrah wine’s captivating flavors make it a versatile companion for diverse culinary delights. Regarding food pairings, Syrah’s robust character and balanced acidity offer a harmonious interplay with a variety of vegetarian and meat-based dishes.

Vegetarian Options

Syrah effortlessly enhances the experience of hearty dishes. Roasted portobello mushrooms, marinated in balsamic and thyme, resonate with the wine’s earthy notes. The wine’s dark fruit undertones elevate the flavors of grilled eggplant and vegetable ratatouille, creating a symphony of savory flavors.


When meat dishes take the spotlight, Syrah truly shines. Its boldness complements game meats like venison or duck, mirroring their richness with its depth. A succulent piece of meat, whether grilled lamb chops or braised short ribs, benefits from the wine’s robust presence, while the hints of pepper in Syrah harmonize beautifully with the spices in dishes like Moroccan lamb tagine.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Cheese and Syrah

No discussion of food pairings is complete without cheese, and Syrah finds its match in a spectrum of options. Aged cheddar and gouda align seamlessly with the wine’s darker fruit elements, while the saltiness of blue cheese contrasts delightfully with its richness.

In essence, Syrah invites exploration across the culinary landscape. Its versatility, from enhancing vegetarian creations to complementing the gamut of meaty delights, showcases its adaptability. The interplay of its earthy notes, dark fruit nuances, and balanced acidity paints a culinary canvas where flavors mingle and elevate one another. Whether indulging in a meaty feast or savoring a vegetarian masterpiece, Syrah wine stands ready to amplify the pleasure of every bite.

How Does Shiraz Compare To Other Wines?

One of the best ways to appreciate Syrah (also known as Shiraz) wine is to compare it with other wines. To get started, check out this Merlot vs Shiraz wine comparison guide. Once you see Syrah in contrast to other wines, you’ll be able to come up with your own Syrah recommendations.

Syrah Recommendations: French, US & Australian Wines
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